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  1. Great base for walking, Avebury, Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, 1700 year old yew trees, abandoned Churches, crop circles, alien abduction, this has it all!

    Barge Inn is a quirky friendly boozer being run very effectively by the community , good beer, food, music on Saturday, large groups allowed, fires permitted ( off the ground) no electric, basic faculties really - recomended ;0) £ 7.50 per person per night.
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  2. Stayed here last weekend fantastic place for a base but nothing more than a messy field really with building site toilets/showers but good pub grub, brilliant live music went on until about midnight and maybe for that reason not great for kids....check out the photo museum in the village interestingly quirky!!
  3. Love this place called twice when we were on the canal. Their cider was lethal in colour and strength.
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  4. Thanks for the recommendation, might give this a try on the way to Devon.
  5. I've been staying here on and off for years and my latest visit was last weekend. It is a definite 'spit and sawdust' kind of place where anything goes and you get a real eclectic mix of people visiting.......think of the camping, narrowboat, biker and local fraternity all rolled into one and you won't be far wrong! The facilities are very limited but I can assure you they're a vast improvement on what was there 10 years ago! My understanding is they will be constructing a new toilet and shower block sometime soon.

    The pub itself is very busy so as a consequence it's not the tidiest (the tables often need clearing and a good wipe over etc) so if you're a 'clean freak' you'll hate it! It serves decent 'pub grub' and the local Honey Street beers and ciders are damn good so after a few pints you can get into the live music which is always of a high standard. On Saturday along with the booked act, a 16 year old girl randomly wandered in off a barge with her guitar and did a few numbers. She was brilliant! Therefore always expect the unexpected!

    If you like a good nights sleep I would strongly suggest you camp in the back field or towards the rear of the main site. There is a communal firepit near the entrance of the site and after midnight it came to life with a group of about 6 - 8 people drinking, playing music and smoking 'herbs!!' Unfortunately it goes on all night (I went to loo at 0700 and they were still going strong) and to me that was a huge negative as I was parked close by. We didn't get any sleep and there were a lot of bleary eyed campers on show the next morning. It's actually very unfair as 99% of those staying were brilliant, but the site prides itself on having next to no rules so I suspect this is a common occurrence on a Saturday night. You have been warned!
  6. this ones been on our to do list for a while, would you recommend it @Redneck ?
  7. Yep definitely MorkC68! It sounds like I'm having a bit of a whinge but I'm not at all as there's so much to like about this place. Just go with an open mind and chill out completely as there'll be some proper nut cases about!!! Apparently it's pretty quiet during the week and it only gets 'mad' at the weekends so if you take my advice and park away from the entrance and firepit, you'll have a great time!!
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  8. Its sounds great :lol:

    Cheers for replying!
  9. Just an update on this place the campsite has been closed down and the pub has been bought by some Italian who wants to bring it up market, we were there a few weeks and they where selling the contents of the pub outside in the beer garden :(

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