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Discussion in 'Internal' started by Luis Navarro, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Ordered Wednesday, arrived lunchtime today so quick delivery.
    Nice quality item......finish is decent and doesn't look like it was made by a beginners basketweave class at my local college like some of the ones i've seen. Brackets look like they'll be up to the job and a trial 'hold in place' offer-up says it should fit pretty well once i get round to it. No instructions included but its pretty common sense stuff really.
    £74.99 with free UK delivery which was cheaper than the cheapest i could find on ebay.
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  2. Excellent. Good to know as I'm about to buy one if I don't find one at The Breeze tomorrow.
  3. Been looking at them a while but put it off, but i'm sick of fishing stuff that usually resides on the bench seat next to me out of the wheel tubs and spare wheel well every time i go round a corner so i bit the bullet lol
  4. Yeah about that...... lol Thought i'd wait til i had it fitted up :)
  5. Oh, didn't read you hadn't fitted it yet Lol.

    I'm wanting one but don't want a Marmitee one haha
  6. I looked at 4 sources online and out of those, this was the best colour for my van and looked the nicest quality :) If you can find one cheaper elsewhere C&C will match the price on an equivalent item.
  7. If you give C&C a call I'm sure they'll take one down tomorrow for you.
  8. I brought a sliding window from them this week, my wife collected. Top bloke and gave some discount too.

    It was an original VW sliding window that had pilkinton stamped on it. Unlike the crap I got from VWH that was labeled as genuine VW and made with lucky glass... It didn't fit properly so not very lucky!!
  9. Most of heritages stuff comes from VW Brazil, so its a bit hit or miss. I've been quite luck with the bumpers and opening 1/4's i got from them in that they fit really well but i've heard of plenty of stories of bits that haven't lol
    I got some prototype lowlight indicator lenses at the same time as the shelf and they look pretty decent too so i think they take an element of care in their sources for parts.
  10. I have one fitted. They do the job and look ok too, very practical, all sorts of stuff ends up being stored and I have door pockets too. They are a bit flimsy but thats not much of an issue its not like they will have heavy stuff on them. I suspect someone in the supply chain is making a healthy profit but options are limited in under dash trays.
  11. Yeah deffo..... It's a massive amount of money for what it is but a basket weaving class would cost more I suppose lol
    Fitted now..... Was a ten minute job and looks nice :) already loaded up with bits and pieces though lol I'll take a pic and stick it on here
  12. Pics?
  13. Put these in my Bay a few years ago, having chucked out the nasty cheap plastic ones that the PO fitted which look like they come from Halfords. The ones from C&C look a little darker and nicer.
    Really pleased with them - yes, tiny things would fall through but just don't put tiny things on loose..

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