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  1. Ok next dilemma
    How to fit the front badge
    It came with studs and wing nuts but I really don't want to drill into my new front.
    Any suggestions guys?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Consider yourself lucky, late bay ones come with no tack worked for me...but eventually failed. Think the comments you get will be glue related ( after grinding off the wing nut studs. )
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  3. drilling is your best option to be honest. or try stikaflex that stuff would stick a man to the ceiling.
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  4. Cut the studs off and stick it on with foam double sided trim tape
    You may have to use a scalpel to trim of the excess tape before fitting.

    Doing it this way means no holes in the panel and if you want to remove it at a later date you won’t damage the paint.
  5. If it's off Ebay you may have a problem as they're not shaped to fit the front panel correctly. I'm trying to send mine back, got one off schofields and fitted perfectly
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  6. It was off Ebay but it fits just fine
    It is made of stainless steel so can be bent like any metal

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  8. That's exactly what I was thinking

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  9. This ones 2mm stainless not a hope of bending it!
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  10. Rez


    ^ ^ ^ This is how I have mine attached
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  11. You might find this useful for position . early bay badge mm.jpg
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  12. I went for double sided tape in the end
    Although I had to build it up in layers lost count how many as tape was very thin
    It seems solid enough.... time will tell

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  13. Many layerss of double sided sticky tape definitely has a short life expectancy. Partly because that badge has sharp edges so the area actually stuck is pretty small. Or if you fill it with tape you dont get the pressure on the tape to squeeze out air.

    Luckily the one time I have had a glue fail (velcro holding logo on front wheel cover), it fell off at home on the driveway.

    Faced with the kind of hollow backed heavy item like that, I have in the past degreased it then poured epoxy resin into it to fill it and make the back flat, then there is something for the flat tape to stick to.
    Use 3M products, foam backed double sided tape for instance was available in Lidl a couple of weeks ago.

    Its amusing that the Chinese copies of 3M will either be coated in 3's or M's while genuine stuff has the logo printed just once on the reel..

    The best way would be to drill slightly oversize holes and paint the holes, then seal round the hole using neoprene foam sheet, using the bolts on the fitting, making sure that you have a flat area on the fitting to seal around the bolt. Keep water out of the hole then it doesnt rust.
    Like all major car manufacturers do to fix light clusters. Which can last 20 or more years.
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  14. But you can’t acces the studs at the back to fit the nut.

    Sticky foam trim tape should pack out the recess at the back and secure the badge well
    It’s what’s used on modern cars

    Simple fuss free and works.
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