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  1. Well I've the last for month I've been swimming in this aspire swimming challenge. Which means you swim 22 miles in a pool to raise money for people with spinel injury. but why I done it was that I had a back op 3.5years ago on my L5S1 but I still end with some spinel damage because of the disc. Now a few months ago the same disc has gone again and once again I'm now on painkillers and back on the crutches. But i still go swimming as being in the water I find relief from the pain but I use a pull buoy as I can't use my legs. Today I finished my 22 miles, a month ahead of the ending time I'm still going to carry on but not as hard I had to get it done quickly as I never knew how long I could go on for. I raised over £300 pounds so far which I never thought I get to
  2. Well done bud. :)
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    That's a lot of swimming :hattip:
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    That would take some doing, well done :thumbsup:
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  5. Yea the sponsorship has been morrinsons paracetamol, ibuprofen. Now its moved to nhs sponsored with solpadol diazepam haha
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  6. well done hewy , sorry to hear about your probs:( keep smilin bud , i suffer with spinal pain caused by herniated discs /trapped nerves , no ops so far , ive just asked betty to put £10 on your site , all done with just giving . Take care Barney

    ps take it easy on the pain killers too :(
  7. Thanks barney .It's hospital time on Saturday to see if the nhs is going to fix or drug me up haha
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    Nice one pal :) I can't do that much swimming without a back injury. Hope your appt on sat goes well.
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  9. Good luck bud , and hope you have a good team .:thumbsup:
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  10. Well done on the swim mate. I love swimming. Did Great North Swim this year and last and doing it next year too! If you fancy it you do it in a wet suit so no need to use your legs anyway. :thumbsup:
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    Were you swimming back from France, or dare I ask, swimming to France? We all know what weirdo's took the journey that way......
  12. I did this as part of a team a few years ago and found it pretty tough.

    Brilliant work, well done.

    Hope they can fix you soon
  13. Got into the local paper [​IMG]
    Yep it's a very nice pink swimming hat.
    I've got my pre op tomorrow morning soon I'll be pain free again...but with less disc though.
  14. well done bud n good luck with the op , keep us posted :thumbsup:
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  15. The op was cancelled Monday but hopefully I'll have the op tomorrow if I don't get a phone call today ...
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  16. Yep the op happened Friday I'm now out of hospital. Feel like someone's cut me open for 2 hours haha. All good a little more numbness in the foot and carf but I had that before from the 1st op but when the swelling goes down things might improve. But no more nerve pain in the leg so now it time to heal and open my new tattoo studio.

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