Ashurst Forest Camping, New Forest

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  1. Forestry Commission site in the middle of the New Forest. £50 for Saturday and Sunday night but well worth the money. Only 280 pitches, next to the forest. The cleanest toilets and showers I have ever seen. The New Forest pub is 5 minutes walk away and does some excellent food and draught beers. Ashurst village is a further 5 minutes beyond that. Watch out for the horses, donkeys and cows strolling through the site at all hours.


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    It is a good site and agree about the pub.

    Not a good site when wet though as most of the ground gets sodden.
  3. Try the Happy Cheese, crackin pub, just a bit further on from the New Forest pub.
  5. We were there this weekend and the site was full. Great site, we spent a couple of days cycling around the area. We spent quite a bit of time in Lyndhurst which is a couple of miles up the road; really easy to get to on bicycles. The horses had the loudest and longest "neighs" that I've ever heard, but then again I grew up around concrete.
  6. Hi, we are going to try this one and maybe some others around the new forest next year, is it true you have to carry a portable toilet to be allowed into some of the campsites around the forest or was my friend just unlucky when he got turned away from one for not having toilet facilities in his bus

  7. Buddy Hawks I presume you found out anyway but yes there are a couple of campsites in the forest that have no toilet facilities and ask you bring your own ...... I don't think a shovel counts as being equipped!!
  8. Cool, cheers, no! i havent made it that far yet, i think im going to try and sort out some kind of bog stowage set up anyway now, just to be prepared i think, i wasnt sure if it was a new forest rule or just certain sites, good to know to check in advance

  9. went back here at the weekend - just as good as before - still the cleanest toilet block and showers we've encountered - wasnt too busy either and we went off from here to visit Lyndhurst and then Barton on Sea and then onto Bournemouth before heading back up the M3 to home
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