Arty pictures of your bus worthy of a wall poster.

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  1. Some really good shorts here!
    but I wish some of you would concentrate a lot more on how you can improve your photography skills instead of tinkering with useless filters in Photoshop, most would be a lot better if they were just left alone, but that's just my opinion, don't want to offend anyone's point of "view" (literally).

    Here's one from our recent off road adventure: After dinner sunset

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    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    It's all about experimentation even if that means using photoshop. Beauty Is on the eye of the beholder as if creating something you enjoy looking at. As you said Baywatcher you've used it to alter the lighting. Some use it to create something different. That's what this section is all about, being arty farty and lets face it, Warhol earned a lot of money from his simple pictures :)

    Ps your not the rudest on here by a long shot.
  5. What if i cut my van in half and pickle it, and leave the rock n roll bed unmade. O0
  6. [​IMG]
    Mount Snowdon
  7. [​IMG]
    Rothbury, Northumberland
  8. dog


    nice piccys peoples, keep them coming!
  9. here's one from homeland.
    This is a "ghost town" Completely deserted village, it consists of 13 stone houses, some over 200 years old, there are no road signs to it, and in fact no road either. It was a real offroad adventure getting there with the bus, if we got stuck, we would have no phone signal, or anyone close by to help us up, but we made it, and we have pictures to prove it. ;)

  10. Any good?


  11. el


    love that
  12. The Bus with the Vulcan is a corker!

    Like too the picture of the guy playing his instrument next to his Bus...too... nice :)

    There's a rather nice variety of pics and each in it's own right deserves credit for the effort taken.

    Best to all - cheers Dave.
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  16. Will this one do?

  17. Does this count?


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