Armistice Day

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  2. The first overseas trip we intend to make in Arthur will be to Normandy and the battlefields.

    Para, it's not just rehabilitation after ill health - my dad was in for 28 years and went through some incredibly rough times trying to adjust to cilivian life, over many years, without a single bit of help or support from the army.

    I am constantly in awe of anyone with the courage to be prepared to give their lives so selflessly for others, and it would be a shameful day indeed if this country ever forgets the sacrifices many have made, and still make today.
  3. Nowts changed then

    I didnt serve as long as your dad but once i was out of the forces it took them 2 years to admit to outside agencys that i was actually in the forces

    All my medical records and qualifications have unfourtunatly been lost

    And my ressetlement grant i deffered because i left too ill to use it is no longer available to me

    Hm armed forces its a case of we broke one chuck him/her on the heap and get a new one

    I served my country from 17 years old
    No questions
    Obidiantly obeyed the orders and belived the brainwashing i was told

    We dont give our life in our duty anymore were just politicions puppets

    I keep my self happy in the fact ive learnt skills that cant be tought
  4. Normandy is nice if you get the weather. The "beach" museums are very interesting and some interesting and quite amazing bits of whats left of the defences are of interest.
  5. Paradox - that is truly appalling. I dont know what to say (that I can say on here)
  6. Poo happens dude

    At least im alive to moan and at least i can still cuddle my girls
  7. I know when my dad came back from palestine he was very ill with Malaria he was discharged with nothing, nowhere to live etc. It effected him for many years. No parades for him! He was never bitter about it as he had colleagues who didnt come back!
  8. These are a great bunch of guys and girls, they have helped a good friend of mine and he is now doing his part for others by going for a world record to raise some funds.
  9. Good work!
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