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  1. i have spent the last two hours trying to get a bird that the cat bought in out of the house - its now hiding under the sofa ...

    this was meant to be my evening dedicated to making music.

    ruddy animal
  2. You can write a song about it :)
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    feeling your pain dude, we've all been there, trying to get a bird out of the house is usually expensive.
  5. One of mrs mh's little darling cats bought in a little mouse a while ago, i saw it run behind the guitar amp and carfully moved stuff to trap it then moved in for the grab, it had totally disappeared, start moving loads of stuff around to find the blooming thing only to find it had crawled into the amp! DOH!
  6. I thought you were practising your pirate voice for VW Action lol.
  7. in the time we have lived here the count is

    4 birds
    1 bat
    2 mice

    its starting to become one a day
  8. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  10. I once met a bird,
    brought in by this cat,
    But I kicked it right out the door,
    But it hit my van, splat.
  11. no - starlings .... :(
  12. after doing some research we found that adding a bell to the cats collar is known to reduce the number of animals it brings in by 41%.

    so he is not jingling and so far - no animals have been delivered to us
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  14. morris dancing cats! hell yeah!
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  17. haha funny post!!

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