anyone watchin how hip hop changed the world?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by donnups, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. tis wicked.. ;D

    brings back loadsa memories.. then darren says have i watched swagger jagger.. so i made the mistake of you tubing it!!!!!!

    is that for real!
  2. i plan to watch it on 4on demand as we were watching a bizarre film called 'your highness' ...
  3. lol its wicked.. but i like music docs like this
  4. If it doesn't have Public Enemy on it then I'm not interested!
  5. there are some great public enemy and tribe called quest documentaries out there
  6. Ahhhh A Tribe Called Quest - reminds me of my yoof

    I'd dig out my old records now if I wasn't surrounded by 50 unpacked boxes!!!
  8. i am making a point of avoiding it
  9. watched a dvd tonight named anova hood
    It was slightly funny but the trailers rang true with what happend of late
  10. i think ive seen those .. is it the same as kidulthood etc
  11. a really good hip-hip-rap album is 'the book of david' by dj quirk
  12. watched it last night excellent but jesus] i feel ole after watching it , owen nw
  13. ahah

    me to owen.. worst bit was i fell asleep and missed the end!!

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