Anyone want a urine sample?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snotty, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Was supposed to drop it off at the docs, but they didn't want it.

    PM if interested. Free postage.
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  2. Are you taking the pi.......

    oh, hold on Snots, you want us to take it don’t you. Why don’t you market it as a Gwyneth style Wellness Elixir. £200 a pop. You’ll have all the rich but gullibles queueing round the block.
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  3. Ha! Never thought of that.
  4. Do you often just randomly pee in a pot on the off chance the doctor wants it, or is this something new for 2020?
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  5. Would it pass a drugs and alcohol test?
  6. When they said they needed a pee sample they didn’t mean collect several gallons from last year.

    and I’m gonna be honest, you just piling it all up on the reception counter and doing a runner was always gonna annoy them.
  7. Well...yes. Doesn’t everyone? I do the same when I go down to Halfords.
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  8. Of course it's not new.
    It's just another thing in the long line of his.................................. "thing's he does"!
    You can check them all out here at
  9. Have you managed to try them all yet?
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  10. Didn’t Sting write “Peeing in a Bottle”?
  11. Working on it mate.
    It's the one with the frozen Frankfurter, gravy boat and cattle prod that's confusing me!!o_O
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  12. In the middle of a tantric sex session
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  13. Don’t do that one. I was in A&E for three hours :(
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  14. Thought that was Bazza' favourite.
  15. I didn’t know you were a trauma nurse?
  16. Yes, so he’s going to keep it until the latest sample doesn’t, Russian athlete styleeeeeee
  17. Blimey! That was quick!

    Usually takes three hours before they even look at you.
  18. Three hours?! Looxury!
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  19. Is this still available, I've just run over a cow over the forest and I was going to do a bit of tanning, it says on YouTube I need a pint of cold yellow snow
  20. Have you tried Carling lager? Much the same thing.
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