Anyone know much about Australian built (CKD) late bays?

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  1. Hi All,

    New to this, so be kind...

    I have bought an australian import '73 late bay kombi and wondered if anyone knows much about them. From what I can find on the web, they were sent as a kit to Oz to be assembled as a tax dodge. Were they full rolling shells or just panels to weld up?

    My birth cert says it was colour L345 light grey, but it has always been yellow as far as I can see. Anybody else seen this on their birth cert?

    My Chassis number starts with *233 2 xxx xxx* but it also has another plate spot welded above it with the following numbers 234031 1224. is this a specific oz build number?

    Any info would be much appreciated

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    My Aussie import also has the plate spotwelded above the chassis number.
    Cant help with any of your other points though!
    Has yours got the horrible looking gas locker door on the side?
  3. :ttiwwp:

    they were sent down under in flat pack style, then assembled under license by VW Australia.
    Sopru were a popular conversion. pop up a pic and we will see if we can tell you about it
  4. CKD were full non rolling shells. No doors, glass etc - just the body. Everything else was assembled when it arrived, hence them all being slapped up Illegitimate child hybrids - they'd get built up out of what was available on the day. Mines a SA CKD so pretty much the same thing. Can't help you with the plates, other than on mine the chassis is not stamped in the engine bay. It has an oval plate tack welded in there with nothing on it, and no, the chassis has not been stamped and then ground back... In the cab behind the drivers door I have a plate which is (similar to) an M-plate or chassis plate, which shows the chassis number
  5. Dormobile
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  6. Luckily mine does not have that big plate stuck out the long panel side. I was still a kombi when it first arrived, The first owner had it blasted, new brazilian from panel and a paintjob. Has a rock and roll bed too but still has dried concrete on the floor under the checker tiles!Its also had a 2ltr CJ added at some point but birth cert said it should have been a 1.7.

    I love it and just wanted to know a bit more about it as I only has history from 2009. I will post a few pics once I figure out how.

  7. I was doubting the quality of the spot welds when I went to buy it, they look OK but not as neat as i would have expected from VW. Thats why I though it my have been assembled from panels by the ozzy's. Were all shells produced in Germany around this time as I thought some other sites around the world were building them too such as SA?
  8. Thanks for the link Aussie Bay, answered a few of my questions
  11. The birth cert just says destination Australia? I wondered if the additional plate above the chassis number was from the manufacturing plant. It doesn't have an M-plate, just an aluminium tag with Volkswagen Australia on it
  12. Thanks to all of you for your replies, hope to uncover more soon

  13. I don't think they were rolling shells, CKD = complete knock down
    Have a google for the Kombi club or similar in Australia
  14. has lots of info on the Sopru and Swagman conversions (which were the two official VW camping conversions in Oz). Mine incidentally is a Swagman. Used to be my daily driver in Sydney and continues to be here in the UK. Madman!
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  15. I have just got my Birth Certificate, mine too shows Paint L345, but is jaffa, I can only assume they were painted when converted, bit like the Danburys over here, mine has the VW Campmobile Decal on the tailgate.
  16. Terrordales

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    They were the ones which were officially sold by VW dealers, other types were aftermarket conversions.
  17. Thanks Terrordales, I remember you telling me, I have just received the Birth Cert back with few more details,It says it left Germany with L345 paint Light Grey, but is now jaffa. It always looks like I was jaffa, would it have been repainted when the conversion took place, I notice somebody else on this thread had same thing, just wondered, are the convertors E, Sopru and Co still in exsistance.
  18. Terrordales

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    Sopru closed their doors many years ago & morphed in to this
    They were based in Parafield Gardens in South Australia & also had a branch in Lidcombe (a suburb of Sydney)

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