anyone know a good site near NG22 9DF

Discussion in 'Notts' started by lost-en-france, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Try this place - sells itself as a fishing site but it`s not !!

    Check out Google earth , the site is big enough to find plenty of quiet corners away from the statics - stayed there dozens of times and it never gets too busy . The rally field is my choice :thumbsup:

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  2. Kelham Hall is not far and good so Im told...
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  3. it say East Midlands ? is it in notts ?

    I wanna take my bike as well ,anywhere I can go nearby...?

    sherwood forest?
  4. You could try here.....

    Clumber Park Caravan and Motorhome Club Site
    Lime Tree Avenue
    Clumber Park
    S80 3AE

    Loads of biking but posh and expensive I would say...
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  5. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Kelham Hall is Notts, its on the edge of Newark. There is a pub across the road, does food etc. We have stayed there a few times :)

    Ive never stayed at Smeaton Lakes so cant comment on that one.

    There is a pub next to Trentfields, I think @Dazza has stayed a few times

    I can name lots in Derbyshire :hattip:
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  6. That postcode is near rufford park, centre parcs? What you doin?
  7. 20 acres wow...:D

    merci everyone...:thumbsup:
  8. A couple of miles West of Newark , Quite rural and plenty of (flat !) rides .

    If it`s a mountain bike head for Rollerston and follow the river , otherwise get a map - loads of green lanes through the farmland . Great area wherever you decide to stay :thumbsup:

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  9. going to a wedding...

    Rufford mill at rufford abbey ????

    they said the car park is free ....:D
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  10. MorkC68

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    Its council run, its free in the week, pay at the out for the ford flooding, it will wet you through :eek:
  11. because it's a wedding she said it's freeeeeeeeeee
  12. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Ah, ok :) you still have to be careful of the ford flooding. Someone got stuck in it t'other week :D
  13. the camper comes with a upsidedown boat on top....:thumbsup:
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  14. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    your sorted then! :D
  15. Nice
  16. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    As @MorkC68 says I can reccomend the trentfield site ,.I've never stopped at the kelham site but it is a very nice location...please take the opportunity to sample some of Newark's excellent watering holes.... More than happy to show you where and (more importantly ) where not to go...
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  17. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I've just googled the postcode , the trentfield site is about 20min drive away....I know there is a campsite at Clumber park that is as far away ...if it was me I'd stay at trentfield...depends on what you want though I guesss
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