Anyone going to Cruise to the Prom

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  1. this weekend there appears to be a get together at Weston Super Mare

    Anyone going or been to it in previous years? What's it like and is it worth a visit
  2. Hi Chris
    That's Sunday is it - what time does it kick off/ set up
  3. been to the first few not been the last 2 as always been away
    it was aways a good run one year it got tangled up in a tractor run witch was fun
  4. We thinking of going, should take us about hour to get there from Pontypool, getting to meet-up around 9 ish, 10:15 is the leave time to cruise to WSMud
  5. see you there :)
  6. Seems the dog preferred the prototype!

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  7. image.jpg More pics and me in background
  8. Anyone know this one?
  9. image.jpg

    Tired out at the end of the day

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