Anyone fancy a Delorean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dubs, May 25, 2023.

  1. Dubs

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  2. docjohn

    docjohn Supporter

    No, not in any way:eek:
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  3. You mean a Reliant Robin?
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  4. Kruger

    Kruger Sponsor

    That’s what arrives when ordering a Delorean from
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  5. davidoft

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  6. Suss

    Suss Supporter

    Careful mate. I think @Merlin Cat has hacked your account!:rolleyes:
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  7. Lazy Andy

    Lazy Andy Supporter

    Weirdly interesting!
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  8. It's a Delboyorean.

    It'll do 88 mph Rodders!
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  9. To be fair it's probably no worse a car than a real Delorean....
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  10. crossy2112

    crossy2112 Supporter

    Is it parked in a freezer?
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  11. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Wheres the centre of gravity with the metal clad doors raised like that .

    Cornering was rubbish with a fibreglass body.. adding stainless cladding may get it all scratched on the first mini roundabout, Jeremy Clarkson style..
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  12. Louey

    Louey Moderator

  13. crossy2112

    crossy2112 Supporter

    Think the rear bed is for the counter balance person :)
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  14. Flakey

    Flakey Supporter

    Someone has put a lot of work and money into that, sadly they ain’t going to get it back !
  15. Its sweet.... :)

    The world needs sweet stuff..!
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  16. It would be OK for a laugh at car shows - but £20k for a laugh is having a laff.
    Doubt very much if it can go 88mph (at least not safely)

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