Anyone ever replaced a chain and sprocket set on a motorbike?

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  1. If you`re changing the front you`ll have to dig it out by removing fairing bits and the sprocket cover as mentioned above . First step is to loosen off the front sprocket , that way if it needs a little `persuasion` you can lock it up on the rear brake for something to brace against ...

    On a race bike you can change the gearing in less than a minute - i like race bikes :D

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  2. Well it took longer than I hoped but got it done. (Started on monday with a couple of hours here and there since). Did one or two other jobs on the bike too plus rocker cover gaskets on a complete stranger's bus! Very pleased with myself so thank you all for your advice and tips.

    P. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. -1 tooth front and +1 back for better wheelies....
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  4. Good work.

    Now you’ve got a chain splitter / riveter you could treat yourself to a chain alignment tool.

    Don’t trust the adjustment marks on the swingarm. They’re renowned for being inaccurate but will get you in the ball park.

    There’s a few chain alignment tools on the market ranging from posh lasers to simple straight edges.

    Correct alignment is vital for the long life of your chain and sprockets.

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  5. Oh ok. Good advice I’ll take a look. I just got a steel rule and measured it both sides of the swing arm where the mark s are.
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    How were your cush drive rubbers?
  7. Are they the rubber dampers in the centre of the back wheel under the rear sprocket? If so ok I think!
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    Them’s the badger
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