WANTED Anybody know anything about MGB's?

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Lardy, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Wanted- Bit of advice if possible, possibly seats for an MGB GT 1977
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    What about them?
  4. money grabbing :eek:
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    77 are probably stripey cloth with headrests :cool:
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  7. They`re not very comfortable .... :p

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  9. We had a 1970 MGBGT
    All can say it's the last of the classic bargains out there .
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    If you ignore TR7's, heralds, anything Vauxhall...
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  12. Search mgb seats on ebay, loads of options
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  13. They rust as fast as a bay, actually faster German engineering vs BL. That's all I know. Does it help?
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  14. Maybe ;)
    I've found an MGB which has been dry stored under cover since 2006. It's had a new sill before its last MOT and had a respray ten years ago. It's been stood in situ and all tyres are flat but bodywork looks mint, looking underneath it looks good, exhaust which was new six years ago still looks new aswell.
    I've been given a price which is too good to turn down and am currently attempting what appears to be an impossible task... finding someone with a bloomin trailer!!
    Anyway, just wondered apart from sills where I should be checking over to make sure it looks ok before I buy an absolute money pit?!
    Oh yeah had a new sunroof canvas fitted before storing it and that looks bloomin new still too!!
    It's the big rubber bumper model, think if all ends being good I may shell out for the chrome bumper mod : )
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  15. Thanks to all who replied if you can help me out with any answers please?
    Seat covers look cheap enough on eBay too.
  16. nice one lard you old barn sniffer you :thumbsup: just to make me green :rolleyes:
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  17. Thanks, I'm near stansted airport so probably not that close : (
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  18. John and Mark know everything there is to know about them and are great with advice. May be worth a call on what to look out for.
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  19. That's cool mate, thanks very much. Gotta make sure the car is mine and pay deposit now so fingers crossed all will be well and I'll post up some pics. Will give them a bell if I need some parts or advice. Thanks :thumbsup:

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