Any idea where this part goes?

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  1. 99% finished on my westy Berlin resto...I've got this bit left!...I labelled the bag 'rear cupboard' but it might have got mixed up or fallen out of another's definitely from a westy Berlin interior though!
    Cheers .... IMG-20190809-WA0022.jpg
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    Rock n roll bed internal plate?
  3. Think there’s one on top of my rear cupboard, never tried to fit the interior though so it either attaches the rear cupboard to the bodywork or to the overhead locker
  4. Is it totally flat or a slight ‘kink’ above the holes? I think it might be the cupboard to chassis connector if it’s got a kink in it, if not it looks like sort of backplate to connect a couple of cupboards.
  5. It’s 100% the top of the rear cupboard as you say. I’ve not long since refitted mine.

    You’ll see how the holes line up with the top cupboard side whilst the opposing holes line up with the bodywork via a self tapping screw.
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  6. A Westfalia 13mm hole support to keep all the spare holes in..
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  7. Cheers guys...will try to retro fit this weekend...hopefully don't need to take any cupboards back out...Completion photos to follow soon!...

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