FOR SALE Any fly fisherman out there?

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  1. Been tying my own flies for a number of years now and someone suggested I start selling them. Was slightly dubious about it but seems to have been a great idea at the local fisheries!
    Selling this pattern on eBay at the moment and just wondered if anyone on here would be interested? [​IMG]
    £3.50 posted for the three
    I can make other patterns if you don't fancy these :)
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  2. They look good
    I plan to have a lesson and start next year any tips I aready course and beach fish
  3. Don't rush out and buy loads of different lines, think about where you want to fish and start with a floating line. Ask about and see what others are catching on but check the water first, don't just turn up and start fishing, have a look round and see if you can spot where the fish are first :)
    A varied selection of flies is always good but there are a few that will see you through the season easily, too many = too much choice/ confusion.
    Get something like Trout Fisheman, each month they tell you what's hatching and what flies to imitate.
    Hope that sort of helps, I can make you a few flies to get you started if you like? I'm mostly designing new patterns now based on what's out there with a little extra attraction features like wobbly legs to agitate the trout into taking.
    I've fly fished since I was seven and I love it! Best of all, you can eat trout!
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  4. @J R Hartley ?
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  5. I would be interested in a starter flys set let me know
    my nearest good place is chew valley lake I plan to get started there with their teacher then have ago at a few local rivers
  6. Ok, leave it with me and I'll pm you :)
  7. great stuff lard , just wish i could roll um out like years back but the trapped nerves n damaged discs wont let me whip any more :( i havnt fished for over four years now , miss it like mad , i could probably still winch n troll lol but swinging my arms about just gives me too much grief . Be good to see your wigglerz when youve made them though , i like a nice wild brownie meself :)
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  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I fly fish & now work as a fishing guide in the non winter months, I let the other guys with better close vision tie the flies for me though.
    Might get back into it over winter.
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  9. Going to try and venture up north abit more as well as get across to Wales way for river fishing next year. Great feeling tying my own flies then turning up at fisheries and hauling the trout in. Probably jinxed it now though by saying that lol!
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  10. Selling well on eBay so decided I should post some more on here. Still making a selection @matty :)

    Tadpole with silli legs.. [​IMG]

    Goldhead hares ear.. [​IMG]

    Fry pattern..[​IMG]

    Red buzzer..[​IMG]

    Sugar cube hares ear emerger..[​IMG]
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  11. loving these lardy , jack hargreaves would be prowd of ya , like the fry pattern n red buzzer , great stuff mate :thumbsup:
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  12. Cheers Barney :)
    First Fry pattern I've made tbh using BugBond which I find a little sticky.
    Plenty more to make so crackin on. Maybe I'll make enough money to have a full respray on my bus haha!!
  13. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    It's all Woolly Buggers for us at the moment, different patterns but they seem to be the only thing the trout are taking on the lake. The rivers are out at the moment because of the rain.
  14. Lucky you, you've got rivers nearby. Taken me ages to find fisheries in East Anglia which are near to home. Post up some pics of your latest catches?
  15. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    My catch last Saturday.

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  16. mine that big one lol owen nw them flys look brillant well impressed owen nw :worship:
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  17. Here you go @matty, a selection of buzzers, dries, nymphs and lures.
    Should all work well at Chew Valley buddy :)
  18. Nice flies @Lardy . Been tying for a yearish, mostly spider patterns and a load of czech nymph/grayling patterns this backend. Mostly fish river but have been known to go to a big puddle now and again.
    Was just about to start an "Any fly fishers" thread meself, que Twilight Zone music.
    Was going to ask if any folks fancied meeting up next spring for a weekend. was thinking Appletreewick in Wharfedale. Good site and plenty of dayticket river around, plus if the rivers arent in good nick there are dayticket stillwaters around a half/ three quarters of an hour away. Also one of them is any method too.
    If anyone's up for it I'll post some links up.
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  19. Sounds good to me :thumbsup:
    Unfortunately no rivers near me that I can fish on a day ticket :(
    Am planning some trips next year, so this could be the first.
    Tag me in on any new threads mate.
  20. Will do bud.:thumbsup:
    I'll get onto it over chrimbo.

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