Any decent campsite guide books around?

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  1. I'm looking for a decent UK campsite guide book to have in the bus. Any recommendations?
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    caravan club book. usually good.
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  3. Do I get that from their website? I was looking on Amazon at the AA guide seemed quite good.
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    Try amazon. Never buy new. I got a Haynes for 80p on amazon. Bargs.
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    We've got the Camping & Caravanning Club book in our van. It's found us lots of nice campsites that we would never have found by randomly following campsite signs at tea time while we're touring.

    My other method of finding somewhere to lay my head each night is to find a McDonald's or a pub with wifi and look on UKCampsite.
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    When we were travelling in Spain we used an Alan Rogers camp site book. It always gave good descriptions. Some of the sites were fancier than we would use here but cos we were living in the van we wanted nice bathroom facilities.

    He does one for the UK too. Because we tend to just do weekend camping here we often to an Internet search for a campsite near a river or canal, we like rivers and canals, and they usually have nice pubs nearby too :)

    A book is always a good back up tho and I reckon quicker to reference than Internet searches. :)
  7. i think you can down load ccc stuff now , or you might be able to get a last years book , where are you ?
  8. Same as Bern - we use the Camping and Caravan Club one. - the sites are also available and book able on line - the New Forest area is exclusive to C & CC.
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    Cool camping ,great sites in there, cant go wrong
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