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  1. hi there :)
  2. Eh up Chuck :D
  3. Welcome from Sunny Sheffield :)
    Worth getting some decent ethanol proof fuel hose especially seeing as it’s going to E10 soon.
    Lots of info on here :thumbsup:
  4. Day


    Welcome from sunny Italy.
    Enjoy your bus;)
  5. Hi Roy
    from Roy
  6. Hi Royski Welcome these lads on here will keep you right i have had loads of good advice off here and am actually just going to do the same job as you with the breathers and fuel pipes as i am also getting a smell of petrol in the van but i can't get to mine for three weeks cause i am stuck offshore working
  7. Thanks for your welcome all I feel at home already. All rubber pipes and breathers now replaced, blimey that one from the tank was a bugger. To think that when we first bought the van (June) my daughter and her boyfriend took it down to Hastings and along the coast for a three night trip, I was concerned that I would get a call at some point with something like the key turns but nothing happens but unaware that she was riding around in a fire time bomb!
    I have seen other posts pushing home the point to check your hoses and how true.
    On a lighter note look out for a red bus screaming down a motorway near you, all be it at 50mph!
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  8. Howdy from field de Keith
  9. Hi from Leicester
  10. Hi from Lincolnshire, any photo's?
  11. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:

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