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  1. Pictures say a thousand words apparently ;)




  2. cool looks like your well under way...:hattip:
  3. Quick question for the dunce over here, what happens between engine and chassis? As the gap is filled neatly with a foam seal on original engines.
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    It's water cooled, it doesn't need to have the top and bottom halves of the engine separated for cooling purposes!
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  5. As flakey has said, I don't need to worry about that as there isn't a hot and cold side of the new engine unlike the old aircooled engine. The main issue with the subaru conversion is that the engine does hang low in the chassis so ground clearance is an issue with a lowered bus


    As you can see from that photo
  6. kev


    how do you remove the engine if you have welded the engine bracket in place
  7. I wanted to make it removable but it turns out it doesn't need to be. The bracket sits inline with the gearbox. To remove the engine I release the engine mounts from the bar jack the engine up, remove the mounts from the engine, then the engine pulls forward and down just like removing the standard aircooled engine. There is loads of space inside the engine bay but to give that bit more I have made the engine bay trims removable
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    Is that sump shortened?
  9. Yes. I cut the sump down and welded a sheet of 2mm steel on it at a slight angle and made a section for the drain plug. I just need to shorten the oil pick up now
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  10. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1412011734.240042.jpg

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  11. kev


    Is your sump shortened
  12. Baysearcher

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  13. Looking good mate, i know what you mean about ground clearance, will have to put off slamming the T25 till i'll get my sump shortened
  14. Cheers. On a t25 its not too bad as they are higher and the engine sits higher in the chassis. A friend has just put a ej20 quad cam (170bhp) from a jap import legacy into his wedge and he has no issues with clearance at all.

    Cutting the sump down and shortening it was the easy part, I've not got to work out how long the strainer needs to be for the oil pick up and get that sorted
  15. Made a start on the manifold tonight



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  16. Mock up complete

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  17. @jimmy1975t2
    A good thread this.. Helps me a lot.. Come back and finish it please.. I need input :thumbsup:

    With lots of pictures :D please.
  18. You'll get a nice burble off that pipe with the different length headers!

  19. Hey guys, no this isn't finished yet. The aim was to use my bus as my wedding car next weekend, but unfortunately me and my fiancé split up earlier in the year so I have since taken a break from working on the bus but shall be getting back on with it again soon. A few of the plans and ideas have changed now so watch this space
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