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  1. Why does a spitfire fly over my house at about 500 ft everytime I'm settling down for my tea.I have to shove my plate to one side , trip over the dog and leg it outside. Ruddy thing even did aerobatics last week. Someone tag Merlin cat for me :) so she can share my anguish
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  3. Apparently she has been seen at Vigins offices recently !!!
  4. Been going out of Biggin multiple times every day, sometimes two taking off together, think they are catching up on the megabucks flights.
  5. I see them regularly flying over Chichester harbour (out of Goodwood). Noisy things.
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  6. Eat later.
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  7. I dropped a £200 DSLR camera telephoto lens, smashed the filter ring off the front, when a Spitfire flew over once. Cost me £60 to buy another broken lens off eBay and merge the two together, still cheaper than sending it to Canon and paying £60 for them to even take a look at it.
    Its the sound of the engine gets me outside then I have to find the plane.

    I grew up in a house next to a water pumping station where the emergency generators were driven by pair of 500HP V12 Rolls-Royce diesel engines . When they were tested, that was noisy too, and I suppose its that sound I remember.
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    See them here pretty regularly, even do acrobatics , had one dons stall out :eek: , I thought it was gonna crash, they bump started it before it hit the ground :D , still made my bum twitch when I heard the engine cut
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  11. I suppose you would prefer to see a Sea Harrier Wilf :)
  12. We are lucky have one locally ,
    Swell aerodrome..

    Passed over, 4 times a day sometimes..

    Quite low..
    Looks great through the binoculars...
    He does joyrides....

    Surely the cost will fit on my visa card..:thinking:
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  13. The first one I saw "in the flesh" was in 1960 at the Kings Cup Air Race at RAF Shawbury.
    The race was 5 laps of a 10 mile circuit I think and the planes were handicapped.
    The Spitfire was in blue livery with civilian markings - so an ex- photo reconnaissance one.
    It took off last when all the other planes had already completed at least 3 laps - the sound of its engine as it flew around the circuit flat out - virtually on its wing tip all the way - it caught almost all the other planes up , finally finishing 2nd just a few yards behind the winner - the sound has lived with ever since - even though I have seen others since.
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  14. Anyone seen the Lancaster Merlin engine in London’s imperial War Museum? It’s yuge! And amazing. All those rocker covers....
    We have a privately-restored Spitty going overhead nearly every summer day here in Kent. I looked up the prices once. It’s more than £4000 for the classic ride and nearly £6k for a longer one over the white cliffs, including a barrel roll.
    So great to see them flinging the thing around but your heart is in your mouth at its age.
  15. I wouldn’t mind paying it but what galls me is it’s mostly bloody insurance.
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  16. You have to upload it to YouTube and then post the link here.
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    my does my link
    Work ?
  19. Are you drunk...:gnome:
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