FOR SALE Amptec C900 electric boiler

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  1. Just put this on Gumtree for a start but thought there might happen to be someone on here who could make good use of it.
    Had five years doing central heating and DHW, then another five doing just DHW .... Solid kit, well looked after, never missed a beat!
    On Gummers for £230
    Will take £200 on TLB :thumbsup:
    (Around £700 new btw)
  2. @Dub and Dubber Im i right in thinking that heats a single radiator what they like on energy!
  3. It ran seven rads ... Replaced an old oil fired boiler when we moved in but ripped out the CH and switched to electric UFH when the well insulated wrap around extension got built.
    Don't know if you remember, (as like most people with any sense you would have glazed over) but, I was banging on at Techenders about transferring heat from the roof to the ground?
    The electric UFH is an interim measure/backup until that gets commissioned.
    It was very efficient.
    Cheaper than oil obviously but not a match for mains gas of course.
    We have E7 which makes a big difference.
    It was on a 10mm cable and is 9kw, so DHW was FAST!
  4. @Dub and Dubber Actually i do remember can't get the idea out of my head your a very clever.

    Hows it operating as good as you like. i'm positive it will be in lots of houses how does in compare to GSH in costs to install
  5. You've opened the flood gates! ......
    Well I installed it myself off the back of not being able to afford ground source or air source because they involve either major works, or pricey kit, or both.
    Our set up needs about £200 worth of UFH pipework, a manifold, a pump and a few bits and bobs that come to about £400 all in .... Difficult to give a representative idea but basically three figures as opposed to four figures.
    The general principle is "AGS" (Annualised Geosolar) or "IHS" (Inter-seasonal Heat Store) which some American guy who's name escapes me was linked to on The Green Building Forum.
    His thing was all about what were primitive cave dwellers doing/benefiting from. It was the way ground rock mediated the temperature fluctuations above ground.
    The commonest version these days is a heat dump into a six metre bore hole (so on the face of it a bit like one form of ground source) and that's based on the fact that it takes one month for the temp gradient to travel one metre through rock or damp ground ... hence the six months lag that takes the stored spring and summer heat to reach the floor slab in autumn/winter.
    For us, given the cost of that, and also the ground conditions on site, we did a shallow version which has insulation to two metres down all around the footings, and layers of insulation interleaved with layers of brick from the bit that got knocked down ... to force a six metre path for the dumped heat.
    Problem is (and this is the story of my life) it hasn't been connected up yet because other things keep getting in the way!
    In theory it takes a couple of years to get the floor slab to a steady 19/20 degrees, which cuts right back on what's then needed for space heating.
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  6. TTT ... Looking too niche for Gumtree?
    Fleabay on the horizon :confused:
  7. Still burning a hole in the corner here :(

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