Amescador Rear hatch Tent ...REVIEW

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by BaG hEaD, Jun 29, 2013.

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  2. it wood you're looking for...
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  3. Boy that's tempting. Our bed uses both tables to make the bed so that would allow both a bed and not take camp apart to sleep. I like it.

    Was it expensive?
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  5. Only de real ones are they from Amescador :)

    And her the English version flyer

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  7. They should add a drop canvas 'shed' underneath the bed board that stakes to the ground and gives storage for bikes and stuff......would make it even more practical :)
  8. its like a nappy for your van..
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    Or give you shelter for when you have a breakdown and not of the emotional kind.
  10. Lol! See? Dual purpose! They should deffo consider it :)
  11. Strange! I was designing a home made version (in my head) on the way home the other day. It had full drop sides on it for storge.
    I wanted it to be a driveway option too.

    I do like this version though, something for next year perhaps???
  12. If you're having full drop sides, you could arrange it so the board flips up temporarily so you can use it as a shower cubicle too. ;)
  13. I don't need it to go down to the floor to avoid being "seen" - mid calf will do. If you need full drop you are a lucky man!
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  15. I like the concept, but £715 plus p&p seems a little steep for what you are getting...?

    For example, compare it against a Sheltapod at around £300*.

    I appreciate that its not a direct like-4-like comparison, but even so, the basic mechanics of what you are getting for your money are similar - some poles & canvas that allow you to free up a bit more space in you camper - and the Sheltapod doesn't require any holes to be drilled in you pride & joy ;)


    *disclaimer: I have a Sheltapod & it is a cracking bit of kit! However, I also like the idea of a rear hatch tent...

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