Amakuru - Arundel - 2-4 Sept 2011

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  2. i was going to get a day ticket for the Saturday but you cant camp and stay over night on a day ticket ... so cant go :(
  3. We were in Arundel 2 weekends ago. It's beautiful. Will be on the Gower Peninsula for this weekend though :'(
  4. Just booked for this one 
  5. Did you mention you are with the Late Bay club when you booked? We've put aside a club camping area for you guys!

    Sorry Marowak..we've only got camping for 320 vans so not enough room to put any day visitors aswell - it's a shame you can't make it for the weekend...

    Less than 3 weeks to go now...and counting :) ;D
  6. We should be going as we live in rustington, almost walking distance, not too late to book, alibird ? I hope
  7. Not too late at all Martin - you'll be able to get tickets until 25th Aug or they've all sold..whichever comes first :)
  8. BTW - is anyone going to V-Dub Island this weekend...would be lovely to meet some of the Late Bay crew!
  10. Just booked
    I will be camping with the bouther in law and his kids as the wife's are off on a weekend so its only right that we get to go to a show.
  11. Hi Guys - i want to make sure that we've got you all camped together in a late-bay section. If you have already got your tickets, can you let me know your ticket numbers.

    If you haven't got your ticket numbers can you let me know the name and address that your booking was made in via paypal so we can track you down :)

    Rick - already got you down!

    Cheers all..

  12. Only prob here is that we don't have a paypal account, or a cheque book for that matter, can I pay by debit card or cash (that's novel) at 51 high st ?
  13. Tickets arrived today 
  14. Hi Martin - you shouldn't need to have a paypal acct to pay by paypal...have you tried?

    Only 1 week to go!!
  15. By the way guys - please see below!!

    IMPORTANT: Online ticket sales STOP at 10pm this Thursday - and our camping field is rapidly filling up - so if anyone is planning to leave it and roll up on the day, we strongly advise you to book online NOW to guarantee a space.

    If you are planning to roll up on the day we promise to do our best to get you in, but we have a finite number of plots and once they're gone, they're gone!

    Really looking forward to seeing you all for a GREAT weekend!


    Ali and the Amakuru Team!
  16. No worries, alibird, I spoke to Suzy and am popping in to see her tomorrow :)
  17. Matty/HorTs/Swervy Jim - if you guys have booked tickets already can you let me know your ticket numbers..i don't have you down on Club Camping..

  19. Not long to go now 
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    Does anyone know if you are allowed raised firepits?

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