Alternative to painting interior?

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Bluebayscooby, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. If you want to strip the paint , thinners will probably shift it but the pile of the carpet will probably hide any surface imperfections ...

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  2. Thanks good tip will try it out.
  3. correction - I am very easily pleased - but if I wasn't, I still would be !

    make sense?
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  4. And you reckon northerners are difficult to understand!
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  5. I believe I used the word ‘impossible’
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  6. PIE


    The anthracite for some reason is easier to fit dont fade and covers the SIN better
  7. There you go @Bluebayscooby the bulkhead was pretty rough but covered well ...

  8. you could stick fuzzy felts to it! :thumbsup:

    flowery ones:D
  9. You just try

    Oh hang on , you probably will ...

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  10. But I could make it soooo pretty...
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  11. Proper spat mi tea out ya silly sod ...

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  12. :eek: wasting tea!? and you call y'sen a yorkshireman :rolleyes:

    you know i'm going to start collecting fuzzy felts now, don't you? :D
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  13. Do you know something we don’t

    And I thought @Lasty was proper macho ...... should I be worried

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  14. he really likes florals but, despite moving down south, still struggles to shift the yorkshire machismo.

    It's sad really but i do my best to help him *polishes halo*
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  15. If only I had taken a photo of him sharing a bottle of Rose wine with my wife ......... do people still cock there little finger

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  16. Just bear in mind some little rusty zits like that are just the protrusion of massive rusty scabs on the other side. Covering them will ensure your bus is made out of carpet and underseal....
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  17. I`d just like to make public our floral conversation whereby i stated the only florals to enter my van would be if you bought a flowery nighty :p:p

    **instictively ducks **

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  18. :eek::eek:
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  19. you don't need to duck, I'm 5'2" so will naturally be going for the low blows!
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  20. I have tested this and thankfully the adhesive sticks fine.. I have ordered the megavan mats carpet set
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