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Discussion in 'Cornwall' started by agaric, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I was planning to go for some surfing weekend this winter but I realised most of the usual campsite are now closed...
    Do you guys know some campsites/pubs with shower open all year round? Preferably very close from the beach and the surf.

  2. I don't know of any sites personally but,
    you could try
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  3. Looks like there're quite a few listed on this website. Thanks.
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    If you say where you're going I'll do a search on the Camping & Caravan Club website and get the details of a few in the area.
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  5. Oh thanks! That would be nice.
    If the forecast is accurate I was planning on going around Constantine bay.
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    Ok, I've searched for sites open from 1st Jan to 31st Dec, electric hookup and showers.
    The price quoted is for the unit and passengers all in.


    Padstow Touring Park
    PL28 8LE
    £16 a night
    01841 532061
    2.8 miles away

    Marver Holiday Park
    TB8 4BB
    £16 a night
    01637 860493
    4.4 miles away

    Bosoughan Farm
    TR8 4ND
    £9 - £13 a night
    01637 881424
    8.2 miles away

    St Austell
    Higher Trenoweth
    PL26 8NG
    £5 - £7 a night
    9.5 miles away

    These are all from the camping and caravan club website and the campsites "Say" only club members but we've only been asked to prove our membership about 50% of the time. Most of the sites aren't that bothered and with the details above you should be able to book on the phone.

    I can search for more a bit further away if you like. Personally I think (as a tight wad) I'd go for the £5 a night one..
    Good surfing.
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  7. it's 20 miles away ,but maybe go for the fiver...;)
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    Is that the return journey? I must admit I didn't study the map very carefully, I just put in a search radius of 10 miles.
  9. Please don't stay at Marver, you'll be scarred for life!
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  10. one way ,I used to live in Cornwall and did think St Austell was on the t'otherside... Bay, UK/Saint Austell, UK/@50.4327261,-5.0361047,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x486b0a54a2152809:0x44e24992113d61f2!2m2!1d-5.011207!2d50.530187!1m5!1m1!1s0x486b402d27f80663:0x67ab6620adf12488!2m2!1d-4.7834252!2d50.3403779!3e0
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    Oh well, I was just trying to help.
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  12. we know...:thumbsup::D
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  13. Just adding information, unfortunately we've stayed there. Think filthy toilets and even worse showers. God alone knows how they keep their licence. Padstow one isn't too bad.
  14. Question is what do you need from your site?

    We stayed at a pub in Delabole called the bettle & chisel, camping to the rear good pub grub very welcoming and it was about a 20min run from Harlyn Beach which isn't that far from where your heading!

    Did I mention it was free camping?

    If your on the book of face there's a group called 'campervan overnight parking' they are very helpful

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  15. Thanks for all the replies. I'll try to call some of them today.

    I don't need much since it's only for the weekend. No need for a hook-up. A shower could be nice.
    Not on Facebook "unfortunately".
  16. That's a shame as it's a good group even a search will bring up places that have previously been recommended!

    I shall have a look & post any other ideas back to you here

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  17. Had a quick look & have a few web links for you @agaric have a look & see if any take your fancy...

    Here's a map for pub stopovers, if you click on the marker it tells you what the pub is called & a telephone number so you can call ahead!,-2.6258816465415293&z=7

    Some other suggestions for the general Treyarnon area which maybe worth a google!

    Colliford lake just off A30.
    Porth beach newquay, straight opersite the beach.
    Penwarne farm!
    Public car park tintagel £3.50 overnight - 3 car parks in Tintagel for overnighting !! - 1 by bakery is £3.50

    I've also messaged a guy who keeps speaking about farmers fields left open for camping & motor homes for around £5/£7 per night, pull up camp & farmer nips round in morning to collect cash, basic amenities also!

    Sorry but I can't recommend any of them as I've only wild camped here: St. Issey PL27 7QL Chyverton
    To be honest it was a great spot but I don't think wild camping is our bag, certainly not in a camper with kids sleeping in pop up roof bed, the canvas doesn't provide much protection in my eyes!
    wild 01.jpg

    The other nights we stayed here:
    The Bettle and Chisel
    Recommendation for the Bettle and Chisel in Delabole Cornwall, it serves lovely food, dogs welcome in all areas of the pub and there is free camping out the back, but be warned, the driveway up to the car park is very narrow for large motorhomes!! Definitely worth a visit
    the bettle & chisel.png
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  18. Thank you very much guys!
    I'll let you know where I go at the end
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