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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by John Drake, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. 8x15 rear wheels with 225/75/15 grabbers AT tyres

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  2. What are your wheels? 15's and a hubcap?
  3. Nankang MT-9 185/75-14 original rim IMG_9352.jpeg
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  4. theBusmonkey

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    Are they very noisy?
    A bloke on the marina here has just put a set of muds on his T4. It was 'singing' as he drove past me in the village during the week.
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  5. I`ve got Bighorns on mine - std 14" rims. once you get over 20mph the engine noise drowns out the tyre buzz.

    I`ve gone from dinky 185 65r14s to 195 80r14s and its WAAAAY nicer to drive. First gear is actually useful. Its not screaming its nuts off at 55 either.

    I do need to paint my lettering as mine came unpainted sadly but i cant bring myself to spend hours doing it.
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    That's good info:thumbsup:
    Those MT 764s look cool.
    You've gone from something 10% smaller than stock to something not too far away now so everything will be a lot happier. Keep the revs up though and don't be tempted to lug up the hills with the slightly larger and heavier tyres;)
    What engine and gearbox combo is in your van?
  7. Ozziedog

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    Here’s mine on 14s. No noise at all up against the regular cacophony. Not much bigger than regular tyres but looks it.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,drives lush too. :)

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  8. What engine and gearbox combo is in your van?
    Just a boggo 1600 and 3 rib gearbox.

    new tyres are defo larger diameter than stock the speedo nearly corresponds to the GPS speed readings rather than the usual 10% under in my other vehicles:thumbsup:.

  9. Is this 'chunky tyres' look a thing now then?
    Been looking at T5's recently and a few of them seem to be going down that road as well - taking on the look of the millions of Yank vans over here now?
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    Got passed buy several big, butch Ford pickups in the summer whilst on holiday....the tyres on them make on hell of a noise .... hope the ones on the Bays are only loud enough to drowned out the various rattles.
  11. Past caring mate , it's nothing new but then again to some it might be ...

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    I was inspired by the ‘lifted’ Type 2 Detectives bay I saw at the last Volksworld.


    At the time I thought it made a nice change from slammed buses.

    I love em all, slammed or raised, mint or ratty, each to their own.

    I did mine purely for looks - I admit it - but it has proved pretty effective for transporting my mountain bike on some pretty rough terrain. It’s fitted with chunky tyres only on stock wheels and suspension. No posh lift kit or big wheels.

    If it snows this year I’m looking forward to going out in it :)

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  13. Do the knobbly tyres wear out quite quickly if the van is still driven entirely on tarmac?
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    They shouldn't do, but that's not what it's about really. It depends on the brand, construction, materials etc. These chunkies are designed for mud and rock, not really for wet weather, snow and ice.
    In saying that the Bighorns are supposed to be reasonable in snow but the lack of sipes will mean they are poor on ice.
    I've looked at hours and hours of reviews comparing AT tyres and muds, and whatever you get ends up being a compromise. The market here compared to Aus or the US is tiny so we have really limited choice in sizes that fit without major mods or gearing compromise.
    I've gone for General Grabber X3s for the T3.
    But then we've specified for the 3 percent of times when we'll need the performance of a mud hybrid.
    Having very nearly thrown us off a sheer mountain road a couple of years ago when weather conditions turned the track from compacted mud to slick mud, I never want to be so scared driving a vehicle again!
    I'll live with increased noise, slightly compromised fuel consumption and the extra unsprung weight coz we know the alternatives...
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    On the other hand, these are fitted to a T4 pickup on the marina just coz the guy likes the looks. Insa Dakar retreads.
    He can't pull more than 60 now, he lives with it! And you can hear him coming over 200yds away, he lives with that as well!
    Horses for courses..:thinking:

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