Alive and VDubbin -Jimmys Farm 2015

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  1. and once more there is probably a thread however searched it and found know't.......anyone off here going accept @Millie who I know is going ?

    Sadly we won't be in Ollie it will be in Odin :)
  2. I will be there doing 6hrs on the gate Friday a couple of hrs Saturday afternoon on the Suffolk Bugrs stand then back on the gate for 3 hrs on Sunday,
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  3. Steve have not seen you about on here for a while ! Will try and come and say hi :)
  4. Will try and wear some thing distinctive so I can be easily recognised will let you know later,
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  5. Cannot make it this year to camp so just going for the day on Sat in the car. Will look out for any tlb stickers.
  6. Thinking of going looks good - is there group camping
  7. Well you can not really miss me Steve , bright red hair , shaved at side, I gave changed a little since we last met but not yet ...
  8. No club for TLB but there are other local clubs with camps. Renegade Dubbers has not got one here but was have at VW fab festival ...
  9. we have not got a TLB sticker plus it is likely we will be in the T4 ..:( look for a red haired lass pushing a wheel chair or a chap with a Mohawk pushing a wheel chair that will be us ;)
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