Aldi heated seat cover review

Discussion in 'Internal' started by Stan, Nov 12, 2014.

    It wont win any prizes for asthetics but who cares. Easy enough to fit to seat (elastic straps at the back) on my vinyl seat it wanted to slide about a bit when I climbed in but its comfy enough. Standard 12v socket connector and switch. Long enough lead, hi and low setting option. The low setting I couldnt tell it was doing anything but the high setting was perfect. 35watts it says on the label and you have to switch it off after an hour apparently?
    For £10 its a bargain, works well comfy and in winter driving like I do a nice accessory. I purchased 2 other one for the rock and roll seat (keep my other half happy)

    It says 3 year guarantee which is better than most I suppose.
  2. Looks good.
    When your not driving you could use it to make cheese toasties as well. :)
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  3. Haha good idea!

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