Aldi Air Shears £19.99

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Stan, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Yes they are cheap and of course made in China but 3 year warranty!
    So thought I would get them for those long tiresome steel cuts, lets be honest our vans have a lot of long steel !
    I do have a nibbler I put in the electric drill but that makes a mess, with the cut out D shaped pellets everywhere so fancied a change.
    Not tried it yet, but its bigger than I expected , quite heavy , which is probably a good thing and everything is quite oversized! The actual blade is something like 5mm wide! Lets hope it survives a few months at least. ( The similar sized air chisel has lasted about 4 years so fingers crossed!)

    Idea of scale
    [​IMG] Mr Bond I expect you to talk!!
    They even give you some PTFE tape to wind on the euro connectors and a hex key! Imagine how little all this must cost in China!!!
    Now why cant they build a full size Bay van ?!!
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  2. Having used this a lot on the van recently! Should have got one years ago! Cuts like scissors through loo roll! A bit superspeedy if you dont watch it? Wash out any gunk from between the teeth with a cheap WD40 spray regularly and it just keeps on going. Very pleased and its still working...
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  3. Jesus that thing is a beast! What thickness steel will it handle?
  4. I've got one ..
    They work well as long as you have enough air,:thumbsup:

    Don't go near any filler though it will snap the blade..:rolleyes:
    replacements are cheap enough.
  5. I broke mine, cutting a subaru in half :)
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  6. Flakey

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    I've just bought an Aldi windy gun, not tried it yet, hope the compressor can keep up !
  7. Just got the aldi retractable air hose reel, its quite decent, its very handy, i can never normally be bothered to fish all my loose hose out, plug it all in and put it away again for somthing quick
  8. I like the look of them ,:thumbsup:
    My brother bought similar from machine mart..
    it was £20 dearer
  9. Yeah i nearly didnt but very happy with it makes the compressor much more usable

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