Alan Schofield: Westfalia louvre seals:

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  1. Hi,

    I am swapping my sliding door for a new one and in the process I wanted to the seals of the westfalia louvre window.
    I wanted to buy from Alan Schofield but there are several products availble and I'm not sure which one I need.

    At first I wanted to get those 2:
    - outer seal:
    - inner seal:

    And I thought that was it.
    But then I saw this product:
    - Westy Louvre window seal kit:
    There is no description and I have no clue on what this is from the picture. Is it redundant with the 2 other items? Or do I need that as well?

  2. theBusmonkey

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    Maybe this helps Jb.
    Outer seal is obvious as it goes between the window frame and van body.
    Inner seal is optional
    Window seal kit looks like the seals for the glass louvres and the outer seal as well maybe. What condition yours are in will decide if you need it…:thumbsup:
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  3. MorkC68

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    ^ that looks like the Wolfsburg West Louvre window kit.

    We have used them, if it is, they are very good too and you get extra too, which is a plus! Its a bit of a fiddly job though which needs lots of patience.

    There are a few excellent how to guides on YouTube to assist :)
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  4. davidoft

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    The first link is an outer seal

    2nd link is an inner seal

    3rd link is a seal kit which includes the first link seal but not the second
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  5. Thanks all those good answers!
    I didn't know that. I'll install them though. Better safe than sorry.

    Mme Agaric always tells me I should work on my patience.... I guess it will be a good training! :mad:

    I'll go for item 2 and 3 then. It seems to be better value for money.

    Thanks again!
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  6. davidoft

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    The inner seal is more of a dust cover/ pretty up bit rather than an actual seal of water

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