Aircooled gathering on 8th March at Newark Air a Museum hosted by midlands aircooled collective

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  1. Ive created a group gathering for midlands aircooled collective but you are all welcome to join!!

    the more the merrier!!


    Ok guys and girls a day out at Newark air museum again,as we did this last year and was sunny and warm at least, if not we will still be going :) (bring a coat lol), we had a fantastic turn out last year too! 47 cars to be precise!!!

    I've asked if we can get within the grounds once again and they've agreed due to the great turnout.

    (Due to the health and safety regs)

    The couple of things they've said is that we take the greatest of care within the grounds, once parked please stay parked as their customer's will be walking the grounds, you can move around as long as its clear in my eyes ;-),
    You can basically park anywhere within the grounds of the museum, except under the Vulcan this year as it will be opened up for us and their customers,
    In front of the aircraft, angled on the road, parked on grass areas as long as its not raining etc it is no problem

    There is the café on site that will be open for us all too, and we get a tea/coffee token with our paid entry!

    You will need to pay CASH on the gate this year as we move the cars in, as last year we blocked the shop for a good hour our so and heard a few of their customers moan about how long they had to wait, (because their bloody ignorant sometimes!)

    :prices are; if you DO COME in your aircooled'

    Gift Aided Donation [G.A.D] (tax payer helps with the tax for the museum)

    1 VEHICLE with 2 Adults G.A.D - £8.25
    anyone else in vehicles
    Over 60s G.A.D. - £7.15
    Child G.A.D - £4.40
    Family G.A.D. - £23.10

    None Gift Aided Price [N.G.A.P] (none tax payer doesn't help with the tax for the museum)
    1 VEHICLE with 2 Adults N.G.A.P - £7.50
    anyone else in vehicles
    Over 60s N.G.A.P. - £6.50
    Child N.G.A.P - £4.00
    Family N.G.A.P. - £21.00

    :prices are; if you DON'T COME in an aircooled'

    Gift Aided Donation [G.A.D] (tax payer)
    Adult G.A.D - £8.25
    Over 60s G.A.D. - £7.15
    Child G.A.D - £4.40
    Family G.A.D. - £23.10

    None Gift Aided Price [N.G.A.P] (none tax payer)
    Adult N.G.A.P - £7.50
    Over 60s N.G.A.P. - £6.50
    Child N.G.A.P - £4.00
    Family N.G.A.P. - £21.00

    the museum opens at 10am so im thinking that we can meet on the A46 again on the first layby from the burton joyce/ bingham flyover turning, at 9- 9.30am and then get to the museum for 10.00am so plenty of time to get us in and look round and as last year do as you wish,

    if its possible I would like to get us all in front of the Vulcan once again Before everyone decides to leave, as last year there was only me and dave shellem with bugs just to send a picture off to the Vulcan to the sky association,

    Ive also asked to have the Vulcan open so you can have a look inside of it's cockpit itwhich has been also agreed! just a small charge of just 50p per person!!!

    hope to see you there, any problems of questions just get in touch with myself (john) on 07976280596

    I would love to see us beat the 47 cars on site from last year so lets try and make this huge!!
    you may invite your aircooled friend too

    entrance into museum grounds is until 11.30ish then gates are closed but you can still pay in the shop, and with proof of payment you will be able to enter the grounds to park, for any info

    all WASSER PUMPA's will be in the main car park! sorry no excuses LOL!!!!!
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  2. Oh go on then :D
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  3. I'll be in my 63 beetle :lol:
  4. :cool: I'll be there.
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  5. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Might pop in and have a nosey:)
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  6. Hi bud.
    What time do you think you'll be landing at Newark?
  7. I think the plan is to meet up with John & the MAC crew on the A46 & get there for 10am ish..I think :D

    Fingers crossed for a sunny day, its glorious in Derbyshire at the moment!
  8. Nice here too but forecast for a bit of rain on Sunday afternoon.
    I'm hoping to get there around then too but may have to get in a position to leave a little early if it gets too wet. Mind you, I'll stick the youngest under the Vulcan.
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  9. Sorry for the late reply guys burton Joyce layby for 8.30 leaving at 8.45 and A46 first layby from the Bingham roundabout towards balderton meeting. Everyone else for 9.00 and leaving for 9.30 to arrive at Newark air museum for 10am
  10. I am in for this but can you clear up where the meet up points are and the times is it Bingham at 0845?
  11. The big layby in burton Joyce, on the left as if your heading towards epperston bypass
    And when your heading to a46 from there left turn onto the 46 and the first layby you'll see is where we'll be from 9 till 9.30
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  12. me & Ste (Lowie) will meet you on the A46 - don't go without us :D We will head from the Epperstone direction matey

    You'll not miss us, we'll both be in AA vans :lol:
  13. Haha we will wait mate no probs I'll look out for the patrol vans lol
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  14. Cool thanks, we will go straight there as we are coming from lincoln way
  15. Stuck at the roundabout nearest to the museum on the A46. Really busy!!!
  16. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Is your beetle blue with a roof rack full of paraphernalia ?

    If so I saw you on your way out of Newark.

    Judging by the amount of vehicles I saw heading away from Newark I guessd that rain stopped play and didn't come over.

    Too busy getting a shopping list together for the van I bought earlier today
  17. No I've a white beetle empty roof rack
  18. Ive popped a few pics in the Show pics section!
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