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  1. Thought I would post a review of the service I received from Paul at Aircooled engines in Alloa as his profile isn’t huge online but I’ve been very pleased with the motor I bought.

    My 1641 type 1 motor had developed extreme end float very quickly and there was rather a lot of swarf in the oil which is always a worry!
    The motor had been rebuilt by a well known specialist in the PO’s custody so I don’t know how well it had been cared for.

    I took it out and looked to source a replacement as I suspected the case would be scrap.

    I didn’t want an off the shelf refurb as they’re such a mixed bag going by reviews. I spoke with a few specialists and it’s clear not as many people supply rebuilt motors now.

    Having spoken with Paul he gave me a spec for a standard 1600 long block and I opted to reuse my ancillaries and tinware.

    I dropped off my motor and some genuine used heat exchangers and Paul set to work, the long block was already under way and he exchanged my old motor.

    A couple of weeks later I got a video of my motor running on the stand ready for collection.

    I headed back up there and was shown the motor running. Nice, smooth and quiet as a t1 can be.

    I opted to have Paul refurb my tin ware and supply a new exhaust as my old one came off in pieces.

    The finish on the tinware was excellent, really high quality. Paul talked me through the build and the set up he had done on the engine.

    His attention to detail was excellent and he’s used quality fastenings throughout. His workshop was clean and organised with plenty of spares and he has a clean room for the build up which was good to see.

    He went through my ancillaries and made sure they were clean, painted and up to standard.
    He also supplied a couple of bits of small missing tin that I had at a reasonable cost.

    The engine is in and running well. It runs lovely and cool and has plenty of power for a standard motor. The carb and timing is all set up perfectly and it fired first turn of the key (once I’d wired up my coil correctly!)

    Paul’s a knowledgeable and really personable guy, he helped me out and turned my engine around to a standard better than expected, he wasn’t interested in selling me things I didnt need which is a pet hate of mine.

    I’m hopeful it will last many more miles. I fancy another beetle in future when funds allow, it will be getting a motor from Paul!

    I’ll post up a few pics in daylight.

    Hope this helps with anyone looking for a new motor!
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  2. Excellent.

    Glad you are happy with it, good to read a positive review.

    There are always people looking for quality engine builders.
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  3. If you want a turnkey service DTH works with ACE and does the removal and fitting etc. I have used DTH for several bigger jobs, fab work etc, and other than the usual moans from a Yorkshireman, he does what he says he's going to do.
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  4. DTH with ACE?
  5. ???
  6. What is DTH with ACE?
  7. ACE Air-cooled engines i guess. DTH duno o_O
  8. Drop The Hammer :)

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