air shocks to give a little lift

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  1. so the council have gone speed bump mad where i live (and there big buggers) so was wondering if any one on here has had any joy with air shocks ,so i can raise the front couple of inches to get over these bloody things ,iv already had to raise it on the adjusters just to save the pedal box cover
    cheers any info more than welcome
  2. Got air shocks on mine all round!
  3. can you point me in the direction off a supplier ,its on the Jurgen so looking at getting all 4 done
    many thanks
  4. Mine are US HD Gabriel Air Shocks, compressor and stainless tank under rock n roll bed and paddles on dash, not sure where they were purchased as previous owner fitted. Gives a couple of inches lift possibly 3 but mine also has dropped spindles and 4 inch t2d narrowed beam, When fully lowered the tyres are around 5mm of the wheel arch when fully inflated it goes over speed bumps, so a good product for me personally.
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