Air filter search leads to possible bankruptcy!

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  1. At the moment, with the pancake air filter on the carb and the tiny one on the oil breather, there's nothing switching between hot and cold air anyway so if it stops oil spraying all round the engine bay it will do as a temporary fix. At the moment, oil mist is condensing on the tiny breather filter, then dripping down right in front of the fan outlet that doesn't have a pipe on it because the PO got rid of the heat exchangers and fitted J tubes. Then it gets blown all over the place.

    " The oil filler in stock that you show is also the older type that doesnt have a negative pressure breather setup..
    The one you wanted connects to a breather inlet on the correct air cleaner downstream of a weighted flap."
    Is that the oil breather or the fuel tank?
    Do you know the part numbers for the correct set-up? I've tried googling it but all I've found is the one I've shown being listed for all Bays and Karmann Ghia's.
  2. That is under consideration, too.
    All depends on how good the current engine turns out to be when I have chance to get someone who actually knows what they are doing to have a good look at it :thumbsup:
  3. They say it will fit, but you need to add the drain hole in the tinware. I hope it does, just to get a decent breather point.
  4. I've got the old wax capsule type air filter and don't suffer from flat spots.
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  5. The air cleaner for the bus looks like this -

    I use neoprene hoses with varying degrees of success on this. The top hose is OK, the breather isnt right. - thats the lower hose that goes onto the oil filler.
    Just to the right of where it goes into the air cleaner, is a flap which has a weight on it. This provides the suction for both the crank breather and the fuel tank breather lines (small hole up to left of crank breather hose).

    On top is the thermally operated vacuum switch which feeds manifold vacuum to the actuator under the hot air flap.
    This provides for

    At idle, high manifold vacuum , Air leaving cleaner under 30C : vacuum flap up, hot air from No2 cylinder head. Avoids icing and condensed fuel lying around in the manifold.
    At idle, high manifold vacuum, Air leaving cleaner above 30 deg C : vacuum flap down, cold air from snout : avoiding overheating.
    At throttle open, regardless of air temperature : vacuum flap down, cold air from snout. : maximum engine power.
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  6. That's great, thanks!
    I've bought the other one just to stop the mist, so I can clean up the engine bay and make sure I'm not getting oil from anywhere else. But now I know what to look for if I decide to stick with the single carb. I'm hoping to make it to Newbury for the swapmeet, maybe I'll be able to find one there.
  7. See you at Newbury for the great air cleaner hunt..
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    1977 buses had the bracket as in Jays first post?. That’s why I sent the link over, the round tray / earlier style air filter setups are different and used a flat tray.

    Are you using your bus as reference because it’s earlier and had the round set up?
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  11. What I meant...

    If there is a round tray it needs a round oilbath air cleaner
    If it has a rectangular bracket it needs a paper filter aircleaner
    If its stripped out no bracket it has had dual aftermarket carbs and either kind of bracket and matching air filter combo could be fitted.
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    None of the above. No filter bracket because it started life with a type-4 engine.
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    I get you now Mike, I was looking pics of our 77’ engine bay before I removed the bracket.
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  14. So what exactly do you need?
    I might be able to get hold of it…;)
  15. I've got a filter on the way to be a stopgap while I decide what I'm going to do, engine-wise.
    Single carb, twin carbs, rebuild or replace, it's certainly a lot to think about.
    Thanks for the offer, though :hattip:
  16. No worries.
    A mate of a mate has a load of stuff tucked away.

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