WANTED Air awning

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Rich83, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. When we eventually get to camp I'm looking for an air awning.

    Needs to have a sleeping compartment.

    If anyone has one they are thinking of selling please get in touch.

  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    There are quite a few on market place on arsebook.
  3. Agree , i think people were expecting more for their 600 quid - the ones i`ve seen have been a bit `snug` compared to a nylon jobbie of similar pack size and weight .
    Very bulky is my initial take on them but it`s the future innit :)

  4. Not got one, but Always felt they were a bit wayward in heavy winds

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  5. Will take a look thankyou.
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Have you seen one in the wind?
    They seem a hell of a lot more solid than a pole’d awning to me.
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  7. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Some of the earliest ones were a bit less stable than the newer ones from what I’ve seen.
  8. Yes ! They relied on retaining straps.
    I’m sure the later ones are more resilient

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  9. I have a quick Erect Kyham awning and I’m happy with that

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  10. Can’t help on air awnings but I do have an air tent and I can tell you that they are substantially bigger when packed down and are much heavier than a tradition pole tent.
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  11. Decathlon do one for 200 quid.

    Not sure if it has a sleeping compartment.

    Go outdoors may be selling air tents even cheaper than usual shortly
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    This. Bear in mind they are massive, and seriously heavy when packed down.
  13. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Keep an eye out on eBay on the OlPro shop - we picked up one of their cocoon breeze air beam awnings and extension , ex demo for £350 - it’s like new ( haven’t had space or opportunity to try it out yet though ... it may well be ripped in two :thumbsup:)

    good value though, massive awning and sleeps 5
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