FOR SALE Air awning SOLD

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  1. 03FCE40B-BD6E-42FA-BE1E-E690B05870B3.jpeg 207BF147-EEEF-4BF3-A292-A0638CF90B9E.jpeg I have a Kampa largish air awning the roof cover goes on either way round so can connect to right or left hand drive comes with hand pump gutter pole and clips to connect to the van located Halesowen West Midlands £200 Ono
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  2. I must add that there is a small cut in the front door that was caused by the wind blowing against the cooking station it has been repaired and does not leak.
  3. Hi, what model Kampa is it?. Does it have an inner bedroom or if not can one be used with it?. Can on person easily put it up?. Thanks, Gary.
  4. Yes it has the inner bedroom pod I can put it up on my own and the bag says Kampa travel pod maxi air L hope that helps.
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  5. I'm interested !, ment to ask how old is it and how much use has it had, also do you know it's weight?.
    You know the canopy your also selling, how does it support itself, the farthest edge from the bus ?. Sorry about all the questions :D
  6. The canopy I think has a pole between the uprights and then a crisscross lightweight pole corner to corner from memory but have not put it up for a while but I can check the weekend for you. The awning I think is 3/4 years old but working it out it’s only been up 7 weeks total in that time as we don’t use it for weekends. The sleeping pods have never been used and weight is 23 kg according to the tinternet lol
  7. I'll have the Kampa awning please :thumbsup:. Not sure about the sun canopy but worth a look. Let me know when it's convenient for you and i'll pop over, cheers, Gary.
  8. Whenever suits you I’m around this weekend we can put it up in the garden if you want to check it as long as it’s not tipping down you can look at the canopy whilst here if you like.
  9. Great, would Sunday be ok?, can come in the week if you prefer.
  10. No Sunday is fine will send you my address
  11. :thumbsup:
  12. Now Sold
  13. @redgaz really nice to meet you today and chat hopefully see you soon.

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