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    72 bay you'll need 112x5 stud pattern. there are several different styles available. some styles may require adaptors to fit, if you're not sure ask on here and we'll try to help.
    take a look at the pics on this thread and then start looking for your next set of rims!

    these porsche ones need adaptors


    BRM's, bolt straight on


    porsche fuch's


    gas burners


    If you're looking for something a little less common, 112 x 5 pcd was a mercedes and jaguar stud pattern... Fondmetal made quite a lot of options for both companies.


    Most mercedes ones will need the wheel bolt holes drilling out to 14mm from the 12mm they come with. The centre bore (hole in the middle) is big enough to fit over the hub nut though.

    Audi ones, the 112 x 5 PCD ones (be careful as some new audis are 100 x 5 PCD) have a centre bore which is too small to fit a bay unless you do some machining on them. The wheel bolt holes are 14mm.

    You'll probably find you'll need longer wheel studs and possibly different nuts to fit merc or audi rims too.

    Old ford granadas had 112 x 5 PCD wheels too.

    Interceptors are very rare these days, here they are on berniesworld's bus

    They come in a four or five stud pattern...........


    erco, as seen on holmsens ride


    empi 5's

  2. and the cool kids run banded steels

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  3. Allot of Jeep wheels will bolt straight on.

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