WANTED After a few bits for my 78 Devon Water Tank, Roof Hammocks & Buddy seat

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by John Butler, May 19, 2014.

  1. Hi anyone got any of the above bits knocking around preferably not a million miles from Watford .....

    Hammocks are missing from my pop top van so need all the bits,
    Under slung water tank and bracket
    Buddy seat which hooks onto the rear facing seat

    Cheers John
  2. Hi John

    You have PM
  3. This any good? I'm in darkest Kent though, near Ashford.

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  4. Btw if you get offered so many buddy seats that you have one spare, let me know!
  5. davidoft

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  6. Thanks for the reply, bit of a trek to pick up though and I'm not often down your way, how much do you want for it ?
  7. Not looking for any money, it's yours if you want it. Part of a spare interior I bought to cannibalise. I'd better put some water in it though to check no leaks. Though I'm originally from St. Albans I'm not often up your way either! But it's not going anywhere fast so let me know if you're heading dahn sarf or I'll let you know if I'm heading your way, and we can arrange a handover.

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