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    Accuspark SVDA (single vacuum dual advance) distributor. Accuspark 01727 373747. £59.99 9/10

    Having had problems with my points twice this year; once when the system over heated because it was over charging and once when the new points gap closed up from the plastic cam thing wearing out rapidly even though it was fitted as intended resulting in a couple of breakdown l decided to go for it and investigate these electronic distributors.

    Being a points and condenser fan because l like the fiddle and the setting of the dwell angle and because when it goes wrong it is so simple to fix at the roadside, l was reluctant to take the challenge but annoyance prevailed, an anxious drive to camper jam ensued and a fed up owner l was. So l took up Majorhangovers suggestion and went for the Accuspark unit. l did look at the petronix units but was quoted silly money so opted for the cheaper but also well known unit.

    Fitting was easy. What was nice was that number 1 on the distributor is still at number one. The petronix units l have seen in buses have 1 where 4 is 4 where 3 is and so on. It wasn't all plain sailing though or so l thought. l timed the engine at TDC so l could see where everything was as VW had intended and then fitted the unit. When l tried to start it it ran like a bag of old nails and took several attempts to get it right so it would at least idle. Then with the strobe light the timing was "adjusted" while the engine warmed and then the timing set.

    As is common with us VW owners who spend a little money on shiny things, we think we can notice the difference immediately. l can however say Barry did sound smoother at idle. l did take readings from the old distributor before removal and the dwell was 45 degrees. Timing 7.5 BTDC. All was sweet but he sounded better. The dwell of the new unit was between 37-74 degrees across a rev range. Bit of a pointless reading l know but l have tested the little units that people fit in distributors instead of points and they sit at 45 degrees. No more and no less.

    On the move the improvements were astounding. Fast pull away was no different. It was very difficult to notice if there was an improvement. And top end it wasn't really noticeable either. Mid range however was incredible. I'm a lazy drive and gauge how my bus is by how it behaves in 4th at 22-27 mph. l often change into 4th at 25mph and this is where the difference was very noticeable. Driving lazily in all the gears it pulled better and allowed me to keep it in the higher gear for longer. Not that l recommend full throttle in 4th while going up hill with the speed at 20mph but while testing the unit l wanted to see how it managed.

    Another thing l noted but l will monitor this on a longer run and feedback was the coil felt considerably cooler.

    The blurb for the 'STEALTH' unit reads:

    Improved starting
    Smoother idle (tick)
    More reliable
    Increased power (tick)
    Better fuel economy

    So far l can say l think my unit can tick of 2 of those 5 at the moment.

    I'm giving this 9/10 only because top end and low end differences were not notable and l am unsure of the reliability of it. Ask me again in a years time when the warranty runs out. But for this price it is good.

    Because distributors look so dull here is a dizzy song instead :) But let us hope the Accuspark unit isn't as cheap as this.

    Liquid Gold - Dance Yourself Dizzy (Christmas TOTP '80)
  2. Good readup I been tempted to buy one because of my 009 flat spot with 34 solex. I might give in and buy one
  3. I replaced my bosh 009 with a powerspark vac advance one and ive no complaints at all

    welcome to the darkside dude
  4. same as para, i replaced my 009 with one and its been great
    excellent value for money but i still keep the 009 set up in the spare wheel well just in case :)
  5. Ill be going for a 123 dizzy when funds allow but for a budget option i cant fault the powerspark dizzy
    accuspark probably come off the same production line to be honest

    The electronic module is cheap enough to buy a spare as a back up for those just in case type people
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    Today was another day of tests for the Accuspark unit.

    From a cold start it was marginally off. Where as my bus would start instantly from cold, this time it had to turn over a bit more. It was like this when l started it from cold again today.

    What was noticeable was the tractability of the engine when cold. For years it has behaved in a fluttering way. l often say "you run like a bag of old spanners when cold" and I've always put this down to the carbs being on choke. However today it pulled away cleanly. It's never done that before. It was also different when the engine was hot but the chokes had cut in from a stop at B&Q.

    So I'm still impressed.
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