Accelerator cable

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  1. Apologies for a basic question.
    But just had first proper breakdown. Accelerator cable has broke.
    Recovery is on the way. How easy is it to get hold of a replacement? Is it a specialist cable or widely & easily available? / repaired?


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  2. Easily obtained from the usual places, though you need to make sure it's the right one for your model year as the pedal lever arrangement did change. Buy two and keep a spare under the rear seat!
  3. Thank you.
    A kind and Bay loving AA guy proved this. He did also mention the different cables. Seems the one we have is not right for iur LH US import.
    Than, you for your reply.

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  4. I fitted a heavy duty universal one from Empi. Extra long. Cut it to the correct length for your van.
  5. I think all the usual vw places sell them. Been on about ten years. I also have a spare stashed in the spare wheel with a clutch cable as well.
  6. ^this if you can’t find the correct one. The EMPI universal ones aren’t bad.
  7. You heard it here first folks. Snotty suggesting an Empi part is OK!
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