AC711079 Shifter extension, T2 1968>

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    Fitted one of these today. Obtained from VW Heritage for £15.95.

    Basically extends the standard gear lever length-wise and towards the driver making gear shifts less of a reach. I have found that I have to twist forward to make gear changes and saw this a while ago. It consists simply of a threaded aluminium tube which screws on to the existing lever in place of the gear knob, locking with a nut. The gear knob then screws back on to the end of the extension.

    It brings the selection right to the drivers side which feels good to me. Had to adjust the position a bit because it came pretty close to the indicator stalk in 3rd, but seem OK when moved slightly away from the driver.

    May seem a bit expensive for what it is but it does seem to do the job for me - I thought the extra length might make it feel even looser but doesn't seem to.

  2. i bought one from jk and cant use it on my LHD as it fouls the underside of the dash :banghead:
  6. Do them offset ones make stirring easier bern :) nice jaffa nob
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