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  1. Check out this place, hills, sea, great for kayak or bit of fishing, boat launch on site. Hard to get a big van to the site due to the tight turn into the site, very nice place, worth a look.

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  4. yes they are on uk campsites, look at it on google earth to get a good idea of the area its spot on, it has a childrens play area too if you have kids like i do. hook up, shop (small) , showers etc.... and a freezer for your ice packs if you dont have a fridge. If you have an awning then go for the lower fields as the wind can hit the field where the play area is.
  5. That looks lovely , have been to Aberdaron , this is closer , may Pay a visit in 2 weeks.
    Cheers for sharing.
  6. its well worth a visit, it has dedicated pitches so you are not crammed in, worth booking as when we went it was booked up on the weekend but you didnt feel it was busy as its such a good lay out. you can see an old pier from the beach if you look left, take a drive round at high tide if you have a fishing rod, car park with picnic benches and peacefull.
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