a warning to the Bristol peeps...

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by konaboy6284, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. theres a gang of arseholes going around nicking panels and stuff!

    last night the stole both cab doors, an expensive wheel/boss and a headlight off a bay in Clifton.
    also nicked the cover it was under and smashed up the dash and some other parts of the interior, obviously in a failed attempt to remove them..

    so be warned.

    also, if you see a pair of cab doors in an unusual yellow pearl for sale anywhere, let me know!
    because of the pearl we wont be able to match the colour at work once replacement doors are found.
    so to get the originals back would be ace.
  2. Toe rags !
    Why do people think it is ok to have someone else's property ? Never understood this. Cut off their gonads !
  3. horrors....
  4. scrotes!!
  5. The bath turds! :(
    Does this sort of thing happen a lot? It's the first time I've heard about parts being taken. Makes you wonder where a lot of our second hand bits are coming from.
  6. Down in zummerset we have guns!
  7. yeah, its savage. my boss picked it up and bought it in to work to be fixed this morning, they've done at least 2k's worth of damage, and given the custom paint it could amount to more..
    ive heard of a couple other cases like this in the bristol kind of area in the not to distant past too.. this one was very well hidden away and covered. theres no way it could have been seen from the road, so wherever your bus is, just make sure you can keep a damn good eye on it at all times!!
    its horrendous that people can get away with this kind of thing... and to be honest im sure it would happen less if the price of panels wasnt so extortionate..
    £300 for a single door?? with prices like that its hardly surprising that the scumbags have cottened on to the situation really.
    i have a tiny tracker system in my bmx, as its a very expensive custom one i used to use in competitions, and i know it works, because my bikes been stolen twice, and returned either same day or the day after..
    and im seriously considering getting more of the little (although rather expensive) things, and having one in every removable panel.....
    it would work out a lot cheaper than having to replace my doors, if the worst happened!
    VERY paranoid about my bus at the moment!
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  8. I'm banking on my bus looking like a shed will keep him safe, but with the "state of the art" locks and stuff our old bus's have none are really safe unless you have it in a secure garage.
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  9. yeah, my bus isnt the least 'sheddy' of the bunch, but unfortunately people will nick anything these days!
    i need to drastically lower mine so he will fit in the garage.. and its obviously that and not just the fact i love them looooww..... ;)
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    friend of mine had it a couple of years ago, it wa parked on a fairly major road, they took both cab door engine lid 2 westy windows and a few trinkets, pretty big nuts these folks
  11. It's only gonna get worse I suppose with doors getting scarcer and more expensive. Once I've sorted my doors out I may have to fit some man traps in the bus :)
  12. i'm too uneducated to find a more appropriate word
  13. Scumbags. and what punishment do they get, a suspended sentance, no doubt. whilst looking around a market in morrocco, the guide said they used a stick to block there stall, this is approxpiate, because if any one is caught they need to get to the police, before they are killed..
    Sounds like a reasonble punishment...
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  15. In some parts of Nigeria, the traditional way of dealing with thieves was to hammer a 4 inch nail into their head (into the brain)..................they lived just long enough to run home to their family who would bury them!!
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  16. dog


    Scumbags :(
  17. terrible to come out and find that done to your pride and joy.... :eek:
    perhaps there should be a bit of welding to hold the hinges in place...
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  18. Bar stools.:mad: Sorry to hear this mate. My Devon was stolen a few years ago, never got over it and never seen again. Two weeks ago someone attemted to take the cover of mine, ripped it in the process so they took the plastic sledge next to it instead.. Your tracking device sounds like it would be worth doing if it's saved your bike. Is this something you can track on your phone or pc?
  19. ah man thats awful news! im sorry to hear that. and people trying to nick stuff off this one aswell is horrendous! you need to get a garage dude!!!
    and yeah, those little trackers are brilliant, but unfortunately all brilliant things are pricey!
    cost me about 300quid, and because they are designed for pushbikes, once in a bike you cant remove them.
    i will be getting at least 2 of those for the bus as soon as i can, but unfortunately im not going to be finding £600 down the back of my sofa any time soon...

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