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  1. ...for those wondering what day of the week it is.

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    That'll save me a lot of time in the mornings :thumbsup:
  3. :thumbsup:
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    If you start on a Wednesday that's when the bins goes out. You can always tell because the neighbours put theirs out so the next day must be Thursday.then when Wednesday comes around again you know you've had a whole week also just a bit of clapping on Thursday evening as well
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  5. It's a mish mash mosh.
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    This might help
  7. Where does the day go , sleep eat ,work , work , sit down stand up , eat sleep . Oh yeh corona ??,?,catch might do ,might not ??? then there’s the don’t get run over by a bus . Or eaten by a dinosaur . Roll on week start .
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  8. What if you have a family of sea lions living next door? Confusing.
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  9. What day do they put the bins out?
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  10. For me, when the train runs past our house at a different time = Sunday, therefore bins go out in evening for Monday collection.

    Really that's all I need to know.
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  11. Stevenson’s Rocket?
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    We had them at the zoo but there was a lot of complaints about noise in the mating season.lots of honking and clapping
  13. Close your bedroom window, for goodness sake! Do you want everyone to hear?
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  14. Well them zookeepers have to keep themselves entertained
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  15. No such luck! Only crappy 156s and noisy 158s. Just two a day at present.
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