A Special Christmas Wish involving Eagle Radio

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  1. This was posted on FB by The Southern Dune Buggy Club, they are looking for a strong turn out of all classic VWs:

    Good morning.
    In response to a special Christmas Wish involving Eagle Radio, we are organising a special gathering of VWs of all types at the monthly Bagshot Breakfast Meet at Pine Ridge Golf Club near Camberley on Sunday 11th February 2018.

    This morning Eagle Radio breakfast team read out a letter from Amy detailing how her husband Stuart has a brain tumour which after extensive surgery and medication over the last year, has stopped responding and there is now no further treatment that can be offered.

    Stuart is a huge fan of classic VWs, having been involved in the scene for many years, owning Beetles and a split screen camper over the years.

    Not only did we step up, but the organisers of VolksWorld Magazinehave given VIP tickets to the Volksworld show in March 2018.

    We are looking for a strong VW turn out to make this a very special day for Stuart and his family.

    Please let us know who is committed to attending, so we can arrange details with the Bagshot Breakfast Meet organisers, Eagle Radio and of course the Stuart & Amy.
    Please email: theteam@sdbc.co.uk
  2. This is the christmas wish broadcast from this morning...


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