A quick intro. Hello.

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  1. Bonjour from Cornwall, I'm just on here and learning to use the site so pics are a coming.
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  2. Have think about that............
    But not for long.
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  3. Hi! My original interior was awful and much of it missing but I picked up an interior from someone on here that was tatty but more complete. Out of the two I made one!
    As it's oak veneered I managed to remove stains, sand and re-varnish most of it, using some spare oak pieces to repair frayed and split edges.
    As yours is a later one I suspect it's mostly melamine-faced chipboard. I found it was not too hard to make up new panels by finding someone who could supply melamine sheet (it's available in lots of colours - Egger is the brand name of my stuff but other brands are out there) and laminating 15mm plywood on both sides using contact adhesive.
    I got the ply and laminate from Timbmet in Poole.
    Using heat I managed to lift the melamine from the table and then glue down a new one onto the old chipboard. Edging came from Camper Interiors.
    I don't have a swing out hinge. In fact mine is not the proper hinge - I'm not sure what it is!

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