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  1. Hi all, I have a type 1 1648cc rebuilt engine which I am about to drop. I have read @Wonty s excellent post and then checked Bentley and Haynes and wondered why they both say to secure your gearbox. Can someone explain this please
    Cheers all
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  2. The transmissions on the earlier busses weren’t supported by the chassis, so will fall on the floor when you pull the engine off. They need supporting with a jack or ratchet strap. Later bus trannies are supported by a hanger over the transmission. Not sure what year they added the hanger.
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  3. Mines a 73 I think, with a flap over the filler cap. I will have a look at the top of the gearbox in the morning.
    Thanks @snotty
  4. May just be an Early/Late Bay thing.
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  5. If it is a late bay and post 72 it will have a gearbox hanger bar. Mine is a 1972 latebay. You almost certainly wont have to support the gearbox. The advice is for 68 to 71 buses.
  6. Hi I've a 71 bus and the gearbox just drop but is held in place by the drive shafts, but it's not a good idea to put the strain in them, I just use some nylon rope to keep it level,

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  7. Here we go [​IMG]

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  8. Best supporting them any way Andy as they drop down a bit even when supported . And i think it helps taking pressure off the gear coupling .
    What was the outcome of your breakdown on the M 25 Andy ?
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  9. That is what I hope to find out when I finally get the engine out. Bit of interference from work and I'm rather slow
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  10. ^this. I really wouldn’t let the tranny hang from the driveshafts.
  11. Oh bless you mate, thats very kind of you to say. Things have have moved on quite a bit with that engine and the rest of the bus for that matter...

    Learnt a bit in books and mags and a few folk on here who helped well beyond a few posts on here

    Just keep posting mate you'll get there - there is more panic in the first time you do anything so take your time mate - you've got this

    Picture of my engine bay now, and a pic of one of them legends I speak about above when we went down to Australia's biggest veedub show last year (technically a late bay meet up)... and a picture of a vee dub show I run here with another late bay member....

    Nudge us if you need us mate.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I read this forum on Tapatalk... I post mainly from my mobile...
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  12. Cheers @Wonty
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  13. Available tomorrow evening if you need a hand - PM me if needed ??

  14. Me too. Around Friday day too for a couple of hours. Short if any tools give me shout. P.

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  15. Its just like CV joints. ..

    A sequence of simple steps.

    Get a jack which either has a big cup on the end or a motorcycle jack to hold the engine stable as you pull it out..
  16. PIE


    I dont know why earlies are like that, Splits are supported as are lates
  17. Can't do this week, but Wednesday/ Thursday next week if you still need a hand then Andy.
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  18. Well nothing happening today as it's a bit soggy out there I'll have a look in the morning and see how things go. Thanks all for the offers of help, let's see what tomorrow brings
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  19. Am in the process of removing the engine too..dec 71 build..am sure I spotted two large bolts about 5” apart above the transmission through the bell housing into cross member chassis rail
  20. Don't forget my offer; if you need help - other people are useful!!! :)
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