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Discussion in 'England' started by Osbert, May 2, 2018.

  1. After doing the Parkrun today at Sewerby and a stop off at Danes Dyke we made the short trip up the coast to Scarborough, had to arrive earlyish as the tour de Yorkshire meant road closures near my campsite.

    Anyway I arrived in good time but was a little surprised to find the Camping and Caravan Club site was huge, and I’m booked in for two nights. Anyway my daughter who has come across from York convinced me it was nice and actually now I have settled in it is very quiet, despite being full of folks, and the facilities look good. It’s about half a mile walk to the coastal path (Cleveland way) turn right and it’s about a 1.5mile walk to Scarborough.

    When we got to the sea front it was an hour til the riders made the finish so we sat on the bank with a beer and watched them come home. Feel like I’ve caught the sun today... still scorchio!

    Hope you like the pics 8834E9AD-0CF0-41F3-83D4-CD03404C32C1.jpeg 89FA8EF3-38E4-4166-B162-4EAAFB098818.jpeg 89FA8EF3-38E4-4166-B162-4EAAFB098818.jpeg 4B9BC620-AC19-4D48-888B-FE3FA8C37694.jpeg 72823CA7-69DE-4A6B-8C0F-9A569383C197.jpeg 973E84AC-396E-4257-8A99-0CEB9DE1D670.jpeg

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  2. the adventure continues!

    Keep em coming, I'm enjoying reading this :D
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  3. FAB80743-2217-44F6-9CC3-E5B06B9306CC.jpeg 477C2A6C-03CC-4A65-9BEA-DEC80D1510BF.jpeg A167BE48-86B7-4B29-818B-05FFE44E6F23.jpeg 2E50598F-0587-4EBA-8B4E-52589323F46A.jpeg 31E3CA96-3D28-4227-8902-64125D575B2E.jpeg EF75A683-A0B4-4027-AD9E-6499EBA3C02D.jpeg Another day in Scarborough, first time I’ve stayed for two nights. The campsite is really good after my initial misgivings, so quiet despite all the people and the facilities are excellent.

    Ran out of water today so needed a refill, but no Camping and Caravanning site have hoses attached to their water points, for health reasons apparently. So I was in a pickle, do I fill it by hand, kettle by kettle? Fortunately a helper on the site lent me his blue hose (blue hoses are better than green ones evidently as standing water doesn’t turn to acid.... ???), I must get get myself a blue hose so I can fill up without hassle in future.

    Anyway after that excitement I walked the coastal path towards Ravenscar, never reached it, but managed 7 miles, then walked into Scarborough and found the south beach. There are two Scarborough’s, the north side and the south side, who knew?! North side is unspoilt, old school, seaside, and south side is more traditional amusement arcades, shops selling rock and postcards etc. In total covered 16 miles today, so tired I had to get a taxi back to the van from South Beach.

    Cooked Paella tonight on the hob, reckon it turned out ok. I’m no Jamie Oliver, but it was tasty.

    Tomorrow I’m off to Robin Hood’s Bay, nr Whitby, I’m told it’s worth a visit. Hope you like the photos.
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  4. Marvellous jaunt , so pleased you`ve got the weather - keep the pics coming :thumbsup:

    Whilst up that way it`s well worth popping into Staithes - beautiful olde worlde fishing village ;)

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  5. Thanks, i’ll look it up. That’s the great thing about this, I can just do what I want. The reason I’m going to Robin Hoods bay tomorrow is ‘cause someone said to me 2 days ago it’s worth a visit. Off to look for Staithes on the map!
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  6. Smashing thread :thumbsup:

    you can park by the sea wall on the way to staithes at sands end in an overnight car park too and some great walks across from the beach.

    i love the east coast and it's not too hilly (but robin hood's IS!)

    have a great time in Robin Hood's Bay, great pubs and views. just make sure you park at the top and walk down :)
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  7. @Osbert
    Great thread. Living the dream. Good for you!

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  8. Very jealous. Had a couple of great holidays camping around here. Staithes is good for catching crabs on a line. Spent hours there with the kids. It’s a spooky looking place like going back in time. Ravenscar is worth a look. Very interesting history. “The town that never was” . It was supposed to be a rival to Scarborough and thousands were invested in plots of land, hotels, train station etc but no one realised that you can’t get to the beach because of the cliffs. As a result it never took off. You can still make out the unused plots. Victorian mistake I think. The train station is a lovely coffee shop.
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  9. I dropped my daughter off at Scarborough this morning so she could go back to York. Then set off towards Robin Hood Bay but dropped in at Ravenscar on the way. @vinnyboy . Managed a 5 mile hike along Cleveland way again and then stopped off at the National Trust Cafe for early cream tea. Was able to spot a group of seals on a rock from the cliffs above, photo attached, but it was taken on iPhone so the resolution is not so good. Also went to have a look at the disused Alum works, lots of bricks and adders (apparently) .... saw the bricks but no adders.

    Then after that we journeyed to Robin Hoods bay, where our campsite is, and what a site it is..... it’s called Hooks House Farm and it is the best so far, check out the views. @ermintude, it is at the top of the hill, walked across a couple of fields, past church and we arrive at the post office. What a beautiful little village, a real gem, it is very steep though. Thinking of staying here another day and getting a bus to Whitby, then walking back along the coast afterwards. I like just making stuff up on the fly, makes me feel free.

    As I write this I have just drank a bottle of Monkman’s Slaughter, whilst Yorkshire warrior and Yorkshire moors bitters await. C6565CAA-A560-4425-9784-F4F9F3FD0B45.jpeg F3163F1D-811A-4671-AFF5-23995844A5EA.jpeg

    Above..... Robin hoods bay from Ravenscar

    94767CCD-8930-48CE-81E0-07D3D775ADEF.jpeg 76078B52-47A6-454F-9511-F18169B041B8.jpeg
    Seals on right tip of rocky outcrop.... honest! 59AA56B5-EC0E-4DF0-9EE9-0AD54F10330F.jpeg
    The view from my van...... I’m so lucky. 7D9AEC0A-BF9D-497E-90A7-56DE7EAADCDE.jpeg
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    Biplane flying over the site.
  10. If you are passing Runswick Bay, that's very picturesque, we love it. The hill down to the bay is steep however!
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  11. Today I got the bus from Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby. Bought myself some cockles from the shellfish stall .... I like cockles. Offered one to Hattie thinking she’d love it, instead she spat it out and then decided it’s aroma would make a wonderful eau de toilette and proceeded to rub her ears in it...... dirty dog!

    Like Scarborough, Whitby seems to have two parts. One side of the harbour is more traditional seaside and the other is quaint shops in narrow streets. Both good, but quite distinct. I liked Whitby, it helped because yet again the weather was superb.

    Whilst it has happened all week it really drove home today that you are never lonely when you have a dog.....apart from the company that they offer folks just have to stop you and say hello.

    Having gone to the “Abbey” side of Whitby I picked up the coastal path and set off on the 6 mile walk back to Robin Hoods Bay, this was a toughie, 800 ft of climbing across the full distance, which is quite a lot. At the end I downed two pints of Old Peculiar in fairly short time and the treated myself to fish and chips from the chippy at the bottom of the hill..... very good.

    Covered a total of 11miles today, and have to admit to some tiredness. I have covered some distance in the last 6 days.

    Tomorrow I am going to Staithes and Runswick before turning round and heading into the Yorkshire moors. I am staying at a place called Low Bell End Farm... I kid you not, Rose Dale Abbey, near Pickering. Then head further south towards York the day after.

    Enjoy some more sunny pics C3A25D57-806A-4793-BB38-B1BE6C92436A.jpeg 6A2F0869-5BE0-45E7-A4D5-B4712AA4B532.jpeg
    Swing bridge which separates the two parts of Whitby
    BA7C3A41-9338-415A-B614-2C63B8194CDD.jpeg 5766A5C3-C0AA-42F5-980A-CC7F0E74C818.jpeg
    The abbey in the background on the hill, entrance and exit to the harbour A38C830B-6A85-4FEA-8A18-899A15111F49.jpeg
    Looking back to the abbey from the coastal path B46E49C9-A110-4A85-ACEA-36079621AC5C.jpeg 71BFF0F2-7C0D-482C-A4DB-2E61F5325500.jpeg
    The reward at the end of the walk!
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  12. Ps latest photo just taken, view from the van! 883FDA17-9FB8-47A7-A138-30BE307D5FCB.jpeg
    Spot the prototype too!
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  13. Like the sunshine, you won't want this trip to end. Keep your pictures and updates coming. Your becoming a one man travel guide for the area. Love it...

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  14. Today’s update is going to have to be a short one as I’m in middle of Yorkshire moors with no signal at the camp. I’ve had to walk 1 mile into a village called Rosedale and am in a tea shop using their free WiFi.

    Went to Staithes, thanks for the recommendation @Lasty that was very pretty. Saw a seal pup lying on the rocks. Then stopped at Saltburn and made my way across the moors to my campsite...... that was such a lovely drive.

    So enjoy the pics, I’ll be off the grid for next 16hrs or so. 3CAD03D3-4EB8-43E6-81D8-0442F254F0BB.jpeg F3DDBE89-D73F-41B3-B25B-1DBA33C2F5FF.jpeg 7FEC16A4-4411-4CA0-83F9-64E19AECF8B0.jpeg
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  15. Great stuff , lucky having great weather to enjoy it with too :cool::thumbsup:
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  16. Amazing pictures and write up, cheers for sharing, feeling all nostalgic now :(:thumbsup:
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  17. Feel inspired to do a trip in ours now - thanks
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  18. :lol: We've just booked into a campsite at Hollingwell nr Staithes for a few days in June..cannot wait!
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  19. Rained all night last night, woke up this morning to this...... somebody up there likes me. CC4B7451-6FE0-450C-81E9-021F32622D3E.jpeg
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  20. So this is my last night before setting off home.

    Today was a relatively quiet day, took a walk to Rosedale and had brunch smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs and toast..... topped off with a sausage for Hattie compliments of the chef! On the way back I saw a deer in a field... see picture below.

    We then drove through Pickering and arrived at our campsite called The Lodge at Earswick, just north of York, well placed to pick my daughter up. It is a little paddock at the back of an elderly couples house, very pleasant, very quiet which is important.

    This is probably my last post on this topic so a few reflections......

    I have only spotted two bays, one in Scarborough and one at the campsite in Robin Hood’s Bay...... why so few? Didn’t spot one splittie and only one type 2.5.
    Best place to stay was Robin Hoods Bay.... it’s called Hooks Farm
    Scarborough is two towns ... almost!
    Whitby was surprisingly picturesque. So was Staithes.
    You are never alone when you have a dog... there is always somebody who wants to talk
    I am comfortable being on my own.
    N Yorkshire coast is as beautiful as anywhere I have been.
    Somebody up there likes me. C15F2E7A-542D-457E-AAF2-14E14EF4DE57.jpeg CA73FD21-3F70-4251-B372-DF2399BDC620.jpeg 18A20BC7-42E7-40C8-A207-460D843A9366.jpeg

    Cheerio from me and Hattie!

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